Veiling challenge


The priest could very well request that women wear headcovering and those who are so inclined are free to wear veils while I wear a headscarf :woman_with_headscarf:.

Veils like headscarves are headcovering.

Now if the priest request that headcovering is allowed but not veils, well you’ll have to ask him instead of jumping to the conclusion that he may be anti-Hispanic.


I am holding to nothing, except for a little empathy for women who see being forced to cover their heads as something they never want to see come back.

I have said it 100 times, if a woman feels like she would like to follow the tradition, by all means go ahead. But this talk of “veiling” and all the romaticizing of the veil is a little to much for me.

What I want to know is why you are trying so hard to prove me wrong? I work for the Church, am studying theology and have talked about this very topic with many women. I am sorry if what my experience has taught me is not to your liking, but continuing to insult me is not going to change anything.


You seem to hold the idea that I am anti-veils. I am not.

I just prefer to wear head scarves which is more in line with my ethnicity.

What is wrong with that?


Isn’t the mantilla out of Spain?


In the US most women who wear them are of Hispanic background. Most other women wore hats and there is a smaller segment, myself included who wear scarves.


Yeah, why?


From Catholic News Agency. Pretty cool video.


Nice. But the focus on “veils” rather than on “head coverings” is disturbing.


In other words are you saying, headcoverings should not just be veils?


Headcoverings do not have to be veils
One could piously cover their head and never once wear a veil.


Completely agree. Headcovering doesn’t have to be veils but could be veils also.



Of course! For example, something like this was one of the traditional head coverings for North American Catholic school children:

And as I posted earlier in this thread, North American women tended to wear pillbox hats. On Sundays, younger girls --other than some ethnic minorities-- were never seen in veils (other than maybe the small round chapel caps.) They wore bonnets, berets, and other hats with brims.

Yes, veils and scarves were worn, but often out of convenience, since women could stash them in glove boxes, coat pockets, and purses.


Exactly! There is no such thing as ‘veiling’ for lay women —and this was never a Church tradition. Head covering was.


It’s okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

Headcoverings do not have to be veils. It is just veils are making a return but everyone has a right to a personal choice of whether to wear a headcovering or not and which type.


Where in any Church teaching are you finding a mention of grace accruing to this practice?

You are making the point I mentioned earlier—the odd notion that women in head coverings should be perceived as more reverent, humble or pious than women who are not. And that is simply not true.


So, I love the hats of the past. The pillbox hats and hats that are similar to the headband shown above and many women frequently wear them for headcovering as I see some of the women in my parish wear who cover. Scarves too, are great for headcovering. That is what many Eastern Catholics wear, but some do wear veils.

That said, part of the reason women are choosing the veil, and most usually they are simple veils without a lot of adornment, is because the Blessed Mother veiled.

There is a desire to return to the humility and feminine type nature similar to the Blessed Mother rather than what the world suggests. It is not really a desire to bring back a midcentury clothing fashion.

As I said, covering doesn’t have to be a veil. If you are called to wear a headcovering, there are many ways, but that is mostly the reason behind the veil.


Where I live they are not making a return. They were never here in any noticeable numbers, hats were the norm. Chapel veils are an innovation, not a tradition for us.


As I said above, veils are not about bringing back a fashion statement but about imitating the Blessed Mother, which is what many women would like to see return.


The Blessed Mother wore clothing that was common in her day, it’s what everyone wore.

If emulating Mary is what you want to do, shouldn’t you be wearing the clothing that is appropriate for our day,that doesn’t call attention to you. I mean, that’s what Mary did?


Much of the clothing of our day is inappropriate as Our Lady of Fatima said would happen.

Also, no matter what image or apparition, or time period the Blessed Mother appears, her clothing doesn’t change.

I am not familiar with any recent apparitions that show her appearing in blue jeans.

It is not about a time period. There is a detachment from that.

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