Veiling challenge


I would say they are misunderstanding why women are choosing to cover their heads in the presence of God, because it is not a claiming of the same status.

Peace to you and may God bless.


First, I am not the one that said that, I was quoting someont else. Also, I agree she should obey or not be the choir director. To not obey, wear the veil, while directing the choir, yes would be a sign of disobedience and pride.

In the quote, it is encouraging women to obey God and many times obeying God may seem like a prideful thing to those who do not understand. That is how it has been throughout history. The culture does not understand why Christians have done or do the things they do.

I wear about four Catholic medals. I wear them on the outside of my clothing everyday. Everyone can see them. People many, many times stare at them, but I wear them in plain site because of certain medical issues, some probably look at me and say look how prideful she is being, holier than thou, wearing those Catholic medals where everyone can see them, we keep ours tucked away, but they don’t understand and that is the problem.

It is our very lack of understanding.


I know that you did not write that and it was quoted from another source. I am not very good at using this type of communication and could not figure out how to properly show that. I apologize for appearing to misquote you or attribute something to you that was not yours.

The point I was trying to make was that our pride can at times win out and we need to carefully examine our reasons for doing the things we do. We need to remember that the call for obedience surpasses our desires. I do not see pride in a person that uses outward signs or symbols, but there are times when those outwards signs and symbols CAN become a source of pride. Pride is what gets in the way of obedience and leads to rebellion. Pride leads to vanity. Pride leads to anger, hurt, hate, and nearly all sins and vices. It is easy to slip from humility to pride, just as it is to slip from joy to despair, love to hate, and cheerfulness to anger.


No problem, I thought maybe you thought I wrote it.

Otherwise, I completely agree, though it is not for us to decide if they are being prideful or not. Only God can see the heart. We can only see the outward appearance.

People can easily accuse someone of being prideful because of many different things, when it is totally the opposite.


Yes, I think one should be careful in general in searching for the sins of others - especially those that one neither has authority over nor any close association with.


I agree it is not our call. We are not readers of hearts. Our job is to continually examine our own PERSONAL motives, ideas, callings and hearts. Sometimes it is good to hear and truly listen to the ways others see things to help us understand how we are living out Christ’s gospel in the world and how brightly our light is being shown to those around us. It is also our job to continuously strive to see the best in others and not assume ill intentions.


To the best of my knowledge, women are still are required to cover their heads when in a private audience with the Pope.


Well… it is protocol, but they don’t force the issue

Lest people think it was just a Francis thing…


The Holy scripture, does not demand ‘veils’ upon any woman.

Read I Corinthians 11 carefully. Especially read I Corinthians 11:15. Naturally, the woman’s “hair” is her “covering”. Spiritually, her husband (house-band) is her “covering”, being her “head”.


We don’t do things only because they’re in Scripture. Many, many women feel ‘called’, yes called, to veil. Who are we to stand in judgment of their own personal devotions?


Thank you, I feel the same. I don’t get why we would speak that harsh against anyone’s personal devotion or faith practice.


If a woman has the desire to cover her head in church, I don’t care. What I object to is the fact that it’s termed a “calling” and that some believe it shows they are more holy. They may very well be more holy than someone who doesn’t cover her head, but again, they may not be. That’s between the woman and God.


Literally no woman in this entire thread who veils said that it made them feel more holy than anyone else. And why cant it be a calling? Why can’t God ‘call’ me to do it? It seems such a silly thing to quibble over. If that’s how we feel, then that’s how we feel.


Yes, if you feel that way, you do.

I was just stating how I feel. I would never insult anyone for doing it. It’s a personal choice.

It is silly to quibble over.


I think there are “Callings” and then there are “callings”.

A true “Calling” is to the religious life and/or clerical life. While it is common to say one is “called” to the single life or to marriage, the Church does not recognize these as Callings but rather as natural states that are subject to change.

We do not generally suppose that one makes public vow to cover one’s head in a church. At one point we considered donning a head covering to be a natural thing for a woman to do almost anytime she was in public, let alone in a place of worship. That is not the case in Western culture.

One should be careful about using language in a way that is different from how the Church uses it.


Exactly. To me it was a calling not a Calling.

It was literally ‘this is something I want you to do’. I never asked why. I just listened. Through the years I’ve tried to figure out the why but honestly I don’t 100% understand, even now. I have my own rationalizations but I dunno.

My Catholic journey from the start has been about just listening though. I came from agnosticism to blind obedience and as a result my knowledge base isn’t as large as it could be. ROFL! Doing my best to fix that. The blind obedience doesn’t work so well when people call you to task.


Actually there was one that did several posts back.

This poster went as far as to call a woman who is not veiled as being offensive to God.


Seriously??? I missed that!

Totally not the right attitude. Was it even a woman? I’ll have to go back and try to find it.


I’m not sure if it was a woman. This poster also mentioned that women who veil show that they are in subjection to their husbands and this prevents the angels from overstepping their bounds.


I caught that part. I missed the part about it making women holier than everyone else. I decided not to engage because honestly how does one respond to that?

Ugh. Sorry. That was on me for not reading properly.

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