Veiling statues/relics during Exposition?


Hello all - a small controversy has arisen here regarding Eucharistic Adoration and whether or not relics and statues near the altar are to be veiled during the time of Exposition. One of our deacons found a reference by Pope Clement XIII that all statues and relics must be veiled or removed during Exposition. This pertained specifically to the Forty Hours devotion, but it's being read by some as pertaining to ALL Expositions. We have two large icons in our Sanctuary which are situated far behind the altar, so these are not of concern. But during our weekly Holy Hour for Life and Mercy, we display and venerate a relic of St. Faustina. We were told awhile back by a theology professor that it is not appropriate to have a relic displayed near the alter during Exposition. So now we're trying to find something definitive. Any wisdom of this group would be much appreciated. I'm sure something is out there, but my searches are yielded essentially nothing. God bless.


I have not heard of this before. However, I am very suspicious of "theologians". For th past 40 years one of our priests has constantly told us that " the theologians now say"; only to find out that the theologian was a flaming leftist. So sorry if I sound sceptical. I have made it my personal policy to listen to the Pope and my Bishop.


In our chapel we do not veil any statues or the icon during Exposition, and I have never seen it done in any place I have been to Exposition. However, it does seem strange to have another object of devotion on display purposely for veneration when the blessed Sacrament is exposed.

Incidental statues and icons that are permanent fixtures in the church are one thing, but IMO (and this is only opinion), nothing but the Blessed Sacrament should be displayed for specific devotion during Adoration, a Holy Hour, etc.


If the parish isn’t certain of the answer, they should ask their bishop. :slight_smile:


Statues should not be an issue, but it is true that relics are never displayed on the altar during Exposition. At my FSSP parish they are always removed before Exposition. Generally they are only on the altar during Mass, anyway.


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