What type of veils do you ladies wear for Mass?
Also, how do you keep it on?
I just recieved my first mantilla in the mail the other day, and I used bobby pins to keep it in place, but it kept sliding off. I was busy trying to keep it on, rather than paying attention to Mass. I was thinking about sewing a hair comb to it.
Also, how do you keep veils on your little ones? I got a chapel cap for my daughter (3 years old) and she is excited about her “Hat for Jesus”, but I am worried about her keeping it on, even when barretted in?


I generally wear a hat to mass, but when I do wear a veil I use a bobby pin on the top of my head to keep it on. It’s roughly a spot between hairline and crown. I only use one and it keeps everything very secure. I know some women use bobby pins on the sides, but that never worked for me (probably because my hair is fine and a bit slippery). I’ve never tried hair combs, though I have heard that they are quite effective.

I’ve never really seen little ones keep their chapel caps on! Some wear little lace scarves (like mini veils) that tie underneath their chins; the ties seem to help some.


My daughter refuses to leave her ponytails in, so I am figuring the cap won’t last long, but perhaps starting now will at least instill a desire to wear a cap/veil later.


I just ordered a kerchief type head covering from that is reversible and ties in the back under the hair. I’m new to covering and hope it stays on!

They make lace mantilla type head coverings too. I think they will sew in a hair comb if you want them too.


Sorry, a little off-topic, but is there a significance about what color the veil is?


traditionally, married women wear black, navy, etc… and unmarried women wear white, light blue, etc…
I don’t it really matters now, though, since the practice is not as widespread. I have a black veil and an ivory veil. I wear only wear the ivory one on Easter, Christmas, and I am planning on wearing it to my wedding rehearsal. I wear the black one every other time.


It is always nice to know other women are beginning to wear the mantilla. I keep mine on by tying it loosely under my chin or with a few bobby pins… or both. To see outward signs of reverence helps to encourage others- Why does doing something that is an outward sign to show more reverence, so maddening to some?


Perhaps because it reminds them to show more reverence, and people just don’t like going out of their comfort zone. Anyway to get back on topic, I would like to wear my headcovering of choice, which is my cowgirl hat. It covers my head nicely and is an innocuous grey. When I was a little girl ’ we had Latin Mass, none of the women wore mantillas; they all wore hats of nearly every shape and size. So what do you think, should I start a new trend?:wink:




As long as it wasn’t distracting. Although, you will probably get people reminding you to remove your hat, but that’s cause they don’t get it. :wink:

You’d have plenty of company down here:

Say howdy to God’s rules
Just one God.
Honor yer Ma & Pa.
No telling tales or gossipin’.
Git yourself to Sunday meeting.
Put nothin’ before God.
No foolin’ around with another fellow’s gal.
No killin’ cept animals.
Watch yer mouth
Don’t take what ain’t yers.
Don’t be hankerin’ for yer buddy’s stuff.


Sites that sell veils (& other headcoverings) usually sell “clippies”, little plastic or metal hair clips that will not slip.
If you can’t find them where you buy veils, check out Mennonite sites. Because conservative Mennonite women wear headcoverings at all times, they also sell the clips to ensure that the veil/cap/whatever stays on the head.




As long as you leave the horse behind, you can wear the hat.
Explore Georgia Santucci

Me, I prefer lace.:wink:


Well, I did ride my horse to church once, and my husband once drove me to church with the horse and cart. Guess I’m livin’ in the wrong era. A Sunday drive used to mean hitching up your fanciest horse and driving to church, which of course took a lot of time- imagine families spending most of Sunday together! Hmmmm…maybe I will try to start a “new” trend!


Maybe you’re just livin’ in the wrong Area :wink:


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