Veinal sins & Communion


Fact: During mass we have a general confession

Fact: communion removes venial sins from our soul

My questions

If communion removes the venial sins from our soul do we still need to confess them audibly to a priest?

Question 2

If we are still required to confess them audibly to a pries would not confessing these sins during a regular confesion count as a sacralige?


You are not required to confess venial sins to a priest. It can be a helpful thing to do so, but is not required.


We are required to go to confession once a year. It is possible that even in a year we would only have venial sins to confess. However, we are not required to confess venial sins in regular confession. The grace received in taking communion when we are properly disposed is enough to wash away venial sin. I personally find that I feel better and do better when I go to confession at least once a month, even though I might only confess venial sins. We receive actual grace from the absolution in confession and that grace helps me get through the following weeks without sinning even more!


so its only a sin to hold back mortal sins in confession?:confused: I thought it was any sin.


Only mortal sins must be confessed. There are some people who tell every single venial sin in their confessions, and many of these sins they are not really sorry for and have no concrete plan to eliminate from their lives. For those of us with many venial sins to conquer, it’s best to take them a couple at a time and make sure we have real contrition for them and a real intention to stop committing them. So if we have 10 venial sins we commit often, we confess 2 and hold back 8, but only because we want to concentrate on the 2. We’re not trying to fool God about the 8, just turning our full attention to the 2. When we conquer the first two, we can move on down the list and work on the next ones. That’s the way to real progress.



that has totally not been my understanding of confession. if you know you did a sin then you have to confess it and then you also confess blanket sins you know you did like lying, getting angry, being mean, all that kinda dumb stuff so that way you make sure you don’t leave any out. But if you just say you were mean without saying that you hit your brother cause you’re embarassed to say it then its a sin.


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