Vendor of tasteful, beautiful icons


I am planning to do an Enthronement of our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This devotion requires prominent display of icons of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart in our home.

I am looking for recommendations for a vendor of tasteful and beautiful icons. Any help you can provide would be just wonderful.


The Mary Mother of God Mission Society offers beautiful icons at their giftshop. The proceeds support the Catholic Church in Russia. You can contact their California office


Are you looking for prints-on-a-varnished-panel, or are you looking for egg-tempera-and-gold-on-wood?

I know that Irene Perez is a reliable artist who has done Catholic imagery in the Russian style and does custom icons.

A board itself can retail $80-$150+ for an 8x10 - 13x17, although if they’re ordered in bulk from the right person, costs can be saved.

So, you might ask her for a quote-- how much for a matched pair of x-sized icons in y-style?


I’ve had luck buying icons on eBay. They’re prints on wood.


The post title has such a lovely Victorian Era feel to it. “My Good Sir, I am seeking to view a selection of tasteful and beautiful icons. Nothing garish or Bohemian, mind you. A sort of St. Petersburg icon, so to speak.”


That’s me; a bit of an antiquarian!

Seriously though, I am not having luck with this. I don’t see anything from the Russian missions and the custom icons mentioned are cost prohibitive.

Still looking for something beautiful and distinctive. Praying to St. Joseph whom I am sure will deliver!

#7 seem reasonable. The style seems a bit plain, but maybe that’s just how they appear on the website


You will not find icons of the immaculate heart or sacred heart in authentic Russian tradition, these are not part of the Russian Orthodox tradition.


Conception Abbey

They have some nice ones, although I’m not sure what style you are going for.


Oh! I like the websites and their art! I am having a look for myself right now.

Thanks! :tulip:



I like them! Thanks for sharing.

I have to admit, I have never really gotten that into icons…I found their style to be a bit off putting. But I have found more and more that I like, such as these, even if they are “plain.” Thank you!


Glad to help!

Sixteen characters


There are some things you should know about “Monastery Icons”. Please consider looking elsewhere:


The Monastic Family of Bethlehem is known for having very beautiful handmade icons, medals, woodwork, etc. The catalog I linked is in French, but it’s pretty easy to navigate. My computer automatically translates it into English.


Indeed, regular readers of my posts will know I don’t go a bundle for stuff like ‘yoga is evil, Harry Potter is of the devil’ type silliness but Monastery Icons are a company I would stay well away from. Both Catholic and Orthodox clergy have cautioned people about their products and the dubious nature of the company.


Wow that’s pretty sketchy


I am striking out. The icons from the Orthodox tradition are indeed stunning, but since there is not a devotion to the Sacred Heart in the East, they don’t make them.

That leaves us with the ones from Conception Abbey which I don’t find to be beautiful.

I also struck out on e-bay.

Anyone else have any other suggestions.


Hrm. If only there was a time for gift-giving coming up… where you could ask someone for a piece of art, or money towards a goal, or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think you’d be happy with a custom icon. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s okay to save up $500x2 to get what you want the first time, rather than waste $100x2 on something that you settled for.

I do like the way the Prosopon School handles their pigments. You had mentioned that you don’t find Conception Abbey’s icons to be beautiful— could you post a few pictures of icons that you do find to be beautiful?


So, when I do icons in class, each one takes six days, working eight-or-nine-hour days. So if you figure you’ve got, say, sixty hours’ worth of physical work in just one icon (not counting the mental time investment, which can be significant, especially if there’s no pattern), and you run it at minimum wage— and then you add in the cost of the materials (board, gold, pigments), that kind of helps put it in perspective as to what you’re compensating someone for when you ask them to do custom work.

To save on materials, like board cost, you can ask an artist to use Claybord. The ones I buy are, like, 1/8" thick or something, so they’d need to be put on a small easel on a shelf, or perhaps mounted somehow. But the ones with the recessed surface (kovcheg) are more substantial and are much nicer, and are worth the extra expense.

–edit again–

I’ve been thinking about egg tempera on gessoed board, but have you considered a wood carving like something from here? They’re custom carved, and pricing is according to the size you choose.


This could be painfully obvious but I have found icon sellers just spending time searching through Google - type in Sacred Heart of Jesus and icon. Search images as well as websites. I buy Orthodox icons here:

Simple but well done. I recommend them - what you see is what you get. Also I once bought one from a seller in Greece, on Etsy, which has a number of icon sellers online.

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