Veneration of Holy Mother Church

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Alright, since we call the Catholic Church as our Holy Mother Church, is it theologically correct and proper to venerate her in the same way we venerate saints?

Peace, so be it.

The veneration of the Holy Mother Church is a direct result of the actions and spiritual growth of every good Catholic.

We can’t help but venerate her when we live a Holy Catholic lifestyle.

I would say yes, it’s proper to venerate the Church, since the Church is the mystical body of Christ. He is the head, we are the members, and the Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church.

We already venerate all the saints in heaven: apostles, confessors, and martyrs. Since the saints are all members of the triumphant Church in heaven, in this sense we already venerate the Church, which comprises the mystical body of Christ.

Gerry :slight_smile:

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