Veneration of Oriental saints


Do Oriental Catholics (in particular Coptic Catholics) venerate some/all of the saints the Oriental Orthodox church does?

I’m particularly curious about potentially problematic saints such as Severus of Antioch and Pope Dioscorus of Alexandria, and more recent saints such as Anba Abraam and Pope Kyrillos(Cyril) VI.

I’m also curious as to whether Severus of Antioch and Dioscorus are still anathemised by Rome as they are by the Eastern Orthodox Church.


I did some research on the Saints you mentioned and I couldn’t find anything, but I believe that the answer is yes, at least for the older Saints. The two modern Saints are probably not venerated by Oriental Catholics as they were not canonized until after the Oriental Churches came back into communion with Rome. I can see why this would seem problematic, but as far as canon goes, anyone can venerate anybody as long as they do so for the right reasons. There is nothing in Catholic dogma that is against the veneration of Oriental Saints, even ones who were anathematized during their life time. Now, that doesn’t mean that veneration if these Saints is binding to all Catholics. He only Saints that all Catholics are required to recognize are those canonized by Rome. The other 22 sui iuris Churches can canonize anyone they want, but those canonizations are not binding for anyone, even people within that particular Church. Therefor, it is entirely possible for you to disagree with an Oriental Catholic about certain Oriental Saints and you will both remain in good standing with the Church and with God. The only time you HAVE to accept an Eastern Saint is when one is canonized by the Latin Church, such as Saint Gregory of Narek or Saint Charbel.


Thank you for the detailed answer


O glorious Fathers of the Councils,
you demonstrated that Pyrrhus, Sergius, and Onuphrius,
Dioscorus, and Nestorius were in error
concerning the doctrines of Christ.
You save the flock by teaching the true principle
that Christ is one divine person in two natures.
This Christ we adore as perfect man and perfect God,
one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
O holy Fathers, we honour you and sing to you a hymn of praise.

Sunday of the Fathers of the First Six Ecumenical Councils (especially that of Chalcedon)



I assume that Coptic Catholics venerate the same saints as the Coptic Orthodox just as we Byzantines venerate the same saints as the Eastern Orthodox. A saint is a saint.



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