veneration of relics

Are there different ways to venerate a relic? After Mass and prayer, parishioners venerated a relic of either St. Anthony or Venerable Michael J. McGivney (can’t remember at the moment) by kissing the vessel holding it, but I don’t feel comfortable physically touching a holy relic, so I didn’t.

Is there an alternative? Like making a sign of the Cross?

I usually bring my rosary to a veneration of relics, and place my rosary on it. My rosary has touched lots of relics and holy sites, and has three relics (medals) attached to it. So, when I’m praying my rosary, I consider the intercession of the saints that’s relics have contacted it, and ask for their intercession as well.

Individual veneration is normally a matter of local custom and / or personal preference. As with veneration of the cross on Good Friday, just do what you feel comfortable with.

I went to my first veneration of the Cross on Good Friday this year (wasn’t raised Catholic…not aware of pious customs). I stood in line for the veneration not knowing exactly what was involved. Everyone kissed the foot of Jesus, so I felt compelled to do so as well. I didn’t want to because of my very evil sins but also didn’t want to “break the form” so to speak.

I would just like to venerate the holy relic in a way that does not involve physical touching but also convey respect, in accord with what is deemed acceptable by people living in the state of Connecticut.

If I just make the sign of the Cross, will that be deemed OK?

Well you’re not actually touching the relic you’re touching the container holding the relic. No reason to be uncomfortable venerating relics. It’s been done since the time of the Apostles.

What is a relic medal? is that a medal that has been in contact with a first or second degree relic? I am not familiar with that.

I will say it’s not possible to properly understand Christian doctrine without the veneration of relics. I think if we truly understand and truly believe then no one would be squeamish about venerating relics.

I have gone off venerating relics. I tend not to these days as i always feel it is wrong and not right! Maybe my view will change at some point in the future.

Relics are holy, glorified by the power of the Holy Spirit. They are filled with Grace. Our humanity, our very nature is united to the Divine and sits at the right hand of the Father. As St Athanasius said “God became man so that men might become God.” That begins right here right now in our earthly life. Relics are from those who united themselves to God here and now.

Yes, but bowing down before a relic and kissing it just doesnt seem right. It feels like i am going against God!! I know i am not but that is the feeling i get.

I will stick to bowing infront of the Blessed Sacrament. Thanks

you can bow or kiss as long as you are not worshipping saints

I know but it still doesnt seem right to me. Many thanks though for your post. :thumbsup:

Why doesnt it seem right?

Remember that not doing it nevertheless having respect to saints is not sinful.

I respect all saints. Padre Pio is my fav. Doesnt mean i have to bow to or kiss a relic belonging to one to respect them

If this is the case, there is notjing wrong in what you did. You can,in similar future situations, go near the relic and say, st. _________________,pray for us,if you are searching for another way of venerating relics.

Thank you. Not looking at venerating any relics though. To pray for intercession is enough for me.

which,again,is perfectly fine

That just seems very dangerous to me. Like you are giving in to Protestant influences. Lex orandi, lex credendi. Countless Christians from time immemorial have been venerating relics because it is a basic affirmation of the Incarnation, Transfiguration and Ascension. That should be good enough for any of us. It’s as though you are censuring your forefathers while at the same time throwing your hat in with the iconoclasts.

I know that sounds very accusatory but I truly don’t mean it that way. I’m just trying to make the point that there are consequences for our actions in prayer and worship that aren’t necessarily immediately evident.

God is the only one that i will bow down to and venerate and worship. I thank God for all the saints and ask for their intersessions and thank them for what they stand for and their love of God and of people.

I am sure that all the saints would not want anyone venerating or bowing to bits of them that have been taken from their bodies or clothes. They would want us to give 100% to God.

I know it may sound harsh but that is how i feel these days!

I have venerated relics in the past but i now think differently about it.

I love God more than life itself and feel as though God requires all of my attention and worship and love. I do love the saints. I just dont feel happy bowing to their relics or kissing them! Nothing to do with protestants or their ways! Its a personal feeling / choice of mine.

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