Venetian glass rosary


Does anyone have a venetian glass rosary? My brother would like to purchase one for his goddaughter but I don’t know if the little roses will rub off. He wants to get her something that will last for a while. Any thoughts?

Here is the link


I have that Rosary, except the crucifix on mine is a little different.

I’ve had it for several years and the roses don’t rub off. It’s a beautiful Rosary and it’s one of my greatest treasures.:slight_smile:

Scout :tiphat:


I don’t have one but it sure is beautiful. I have a cloisonne rosary that I treasure.


I have that exact rosary, except mine is blue. The crucifix is the same. The roses will not rub off because they are part of the glass, not painted on. It is by far the sturdiest rosary I have ever used. It is a little bit heavy compared to most other rosaries, but that can be nice too.


I looked where I got mine, and they are not “exactly” the same I see. Look at the murano glass rosaries here. You can request to have it blessed by the Pope after you buy it, and they will ship them UPS overnight from Italy. I think the final price might be about the same as where you are purchasing the other one.


I don’t ever go anywhere without my rosary in my pocket. I loved the ones on the vatican website. I would love several. Makes me wonder, how many a person needs.:rolleyes:



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