Venezuela Bans Lines Outside of Bakeries that Spread “Anxiety”

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Venezuela Bans Lines Outside of Bakeries that Spread “Anxiety”

The Venezuelan government has announced it will be fining bakeries that make people stand in lines to buy bread. The National Superintendency of Fair Prices noted this measure is intended to “dismantle the strategy of generating anxiety” in Venezuelans, as the lines are more of a political decision than they are a reflection of a lack of raw materials.

A spokesperson said they are evaluating various cost structures to make a price adjustment, though it did not specify which products will see their prices changed.
The decision was reportedly made after inspecting at least 1,900 bakeries across the country.
Shortages of food and medicine have recently reached 80 percent, according to estimates by the firm Datanalisis. Venezuelans must stand in endless line to obtain ever-scarce resources.
However, President of the National Federation of Flour Juan Crespo said in an interview “there is not enough raw material to produce bread.”
“The government must understand bakeries are not wheat-processing plants and that the problem is production,” Crespo said.

“To supply the market, we need 120,000 tons of regular baker wheat, without even mentioning cookie wheat and hard wheat,” he added.
Nicolás Maduro has accused the private sector of promoting an “economic war” to destabilize his government and sabotage production.
The business community denies these accusations and called on the government to provide greater access to foreign exchange amid tight exchange controls in force since 2003.

Can’t believe this.

I believe it, I believe it.

But the bureaucrats have the last word.

And bureaucrats get to eat.

There are no food shortages: there are only very slow bakers causing people anxiety…

Ban socialism and things will improve. Anxiety problem solved.

This is communism/socialism folks…

I remember seeing pictures of communist Russia with long bread lines.

In socialism, you wait in bread lines.

In capitalism, bread lines wait for you.

But the government either does not see it, or does not want to see it so they can ignore it (more likely the latter).

Venezuela’s decline prompts exodus

Country’s population shrinks as citizens flee humanitarian crisis in the making

Neatly turned.

I’ll donate another one. It’s from A.S. Solzhenitzyn. He remarked that the Soviet Union was the place “…where labor is cheap and capital dear, unlike in the West where it’s the other way around…”




Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

They’re going to make a movie about Chavez

As if they needed a terror movie…
Or maybe he will be portraid as a " little bird" as Maduro said Chavez " appeared" to him after dead.
Keep feeding the bird…:shrug:
Keep on harping,the concert won t last forever.

Secret intelligence service picked him up in an ambulance but delivered him to jail, instead of the Hospital. Perhaps run by second generation SS refugees from Germany?

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