Venezuela begins power-rationing, drought causes severe outages

Venezuela’s problems keep getting worse and worse and worse.

We have constant updates on Venezuela in our Spanish news,Monte…
Wish I could share some.
From showing Maduro " inviting everyone to have hens ( and he is shown in his " alleged" hen house,) to the news of the collapsing oil production,as well as the lack of motivation among their workers in light of the new inexperienced management and disorder, plus very sad reports on children left behind in the streets.
Craftsmen/Artisans who cross the border and use bolivares/ Venezuelan bills to make craft and they make more by selling than the thousand bills they use to make them…
It may sound biased but there isn t one good one to mention. Except those who are speaking up strongly and resisting.
God help the Venezuelan people…

I heard some animal rights activists are wanting to evacuate the animals they can from the zoo.
What is wrong with Maduro? Can’t he see his country is collapsing around him?
Is he living like a king?
I saw a picture of hundreds of people fleeing the country to a neighboring country.

This is the harsh reality of socialism whenever it’s implemented.


It is very frustrating not be able to share all there is in Spanish. But I remember you lived in Spain so you may want to give this a try,7 sorrows.
Google Marcelo Crovato. He was the only Argentinian as a political prisoner. He has just been able to escape after 4 year calvary as a political prisoners for denouncing . This will be direct experience you can hear from.
Also,if you have a look at the news of his nephews and drug trafficking.
Also you want to read how he was hand-picked by Chavez,and Maduro’ s background. He was hand-picked not precisely for his formal education,nor experience
There are a lot of connections we have been following in South America. He wasn t alone in this one. There is a scheme being denounced,but as long as there isn’t sb else in power and justice as it should,it doesn’ t come to light for trial.
Maduro isn t fit for the office ,and corruption is rampant. If I as so many resist to go against the " isms" it is because then the personal accountability on the amount of corruption and ineptitude,and bribery,and deals behind the scene will vanish under the " vapour" of ideologies.
Look,this is sad to say,but power is the best place to fill your pockets and feel one us " somebody" in the mind of many. Especially those who could not be successful for the right purposes. And they work in networks and schemes of corruption.
It is a matter of time,and it will come to light.
Try your Spanish skills, 7 sorrows ,and Google translate if you are interested. There is a lot to read.

The sweet bounty of socialism, folks.


Okay. When I get a chance I will google
Marcelo Crovato.
Maduro needs to be arrested for what he had allowed to happen to the beautiful
people and the country of Venezuela.
It is too bad when Chavez died, his movement did not die with him.


Agree,7 sorrows.

Not that Peru’s now ex-President is a saint but seriously? People are literally dying from a number of issues connected to the government but they have the time do this.

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Food is an enormously powerful weapon in a country where babies die of malnutrition, store shelves are often bare and three-quarters of the population has lost an average of 19 pounds. The grants to millions of poverty-stricken voters might very well ensure his leftist movement runs this country for many years to come.

“It’s criminal,” said Maritza Landaeta, head of the Bengoa Foundation, a group that studies nutrition and poverty in Venezuela and has been a strong critic of the government. “The same people that asphyxiated the food industry and generated the shortages are now using food as a political tool.”

And from another passage:

“But the Maduro administration, which has just a 22% approval rating, has developed a broad strategy to prevail through dirty tricks, fear tactics and, crucially, using the lure of food to get the country’s poorest voters to support his administration, pollsters and elections experts in Venezuela say. Last year, the ruling party won three elections for local, state and national bodies.”

There is dependance,this is very typical.
It may not be as sinister as it is in Venezuela’ s case but that it how it works.

Maduro had been left out of an invitation to la Cumbre de las Americas.
He has been facing opposition from Latin American presidents .
In this sort of manifestation,one should see who is behind,if it was spountaneous …how many.
Yes,it is something one has to see to believe and even then it is increíble…unexplainable. And sometimes paid for…
Loyalty is bought.

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