Venezuela: Did we just witness one of the nuttiest foreign policy blunders in American history?

I’m not talking about individual Americans and you know it. I’m talking about the death squads we supported.

Ahhh…so are we responsible for the SARS-Cov-19 because we gave financial support to the Wuhan lab?

Of course not. And neither are we responsible for the actions of a local El Salvadorian national guard commander.

We, as a nation, had legitimate (ie: moral, legal, and ethical) strategic goals of keeping communist (ie: Soviet puppets) from gaining control of nations so close to our shores. This often put us in the position of lending some support to bad guys in exchange for keeping even worse guys from power.

But if you want to continue to boil that down to “America is bad”, then you can join the ranks of the “orange man bad” squad.

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Then-President Clinton apologized to Guatemala. That was a past time.

The Communists have done bad, this is why these wars, mainly from the 1980s, some unto the early '90s were called ‘dirty wars’ but this is a new time.

Even Uruguay right now is moving away from the left. That is current news.

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Everyone can talk of what they want, fine… free speech, who’s against that?? But the history runs so deep.

Cuba supported the Ethiopian dictatorship called the “Derg”, I know, strange name for those who speak English… but this was considered an absolutely horrible dictatorship which I’d say is also responsible, in whole or in part for the famine that struck that area in the 1980s (“we are the world” and all of that).

(Above, Cuba, listed as a “belligerent” in the war)

As of now, in Venezuela, so many refugees runs a risk of destabilizing the region, that’s a concern of now and not in the 1980s.

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