Venezuela economic government collapse


Venezuela economic government collapse

There are about 200 countries in the world.

Maybe the Venezuelans could find the ones that have the best economic prosperity and imitate the systems that work best.


The news media are filled with horrific headlines and articles about Venezuela.


Bernie supporters should look at Venezuela and see that socialism is failing there.


Once they give the current government the boot, things will improve, if slowly at first.

Hopefully, whoever is our president will give them the moral support they are gonna need.



What Venezuela is suffering from is the fruits of socialism. May we never ever venture into a socialist government.


I think that it may be coming very soon to America.


I fear that as well especially since Bernie Sanders, who has socialist views, has such a strong following. I seriously doubt that he will win the primaries but nevertheless, I believe it is a warning sign.


Yes agree with the above. many people under say 40 years of age don’t remember first hand the Cold War and they tend to romanticize socialism.
Sadly I agree we may be going down that path.
I agree Bernie likely won’t get the nomination this time but someone like him could be elected in less than a generation.


Even if we get a Bernie type as President, our system of government would make it near impossible for them alone to do much damage. When we start seeing more Bernie types in Congress, then it’s time to worry.


I believe both parties are due for a meltdown. No, Sanders will never be president, but the American political spectrum is about to get much wider.



Venezuela’s government says the problems are the result of an “economic war” being waged by elites who are hoarding supplies, as well as the American government’s efforts to destabilize the country.

Being a socialist means never having to say your’e sorry.


Of course, that applies to our mixed economy in the US as well. Did the bankers apologize for the financial crisis?


When your skin breaks out into painful bubbles due to inadequate water for sanitary purposes due to the banks, let me know.


People lost jobs due to the financial crisis, you think that it is morally fine to cause others loss and not apologize for it?


Even if Sen. Sanders were a colonel, he’d need pixie dust to get to the general election.

I thought the topic was Venezuela?



Being a pro-American never means you have to you are sorry.

There is no need to get drawn down further into that quagmire, that has very little to do with the topic anymre. I can only reiterate that it is to the everlasting shame of Western leftists that communist system and the Soviets are not publicly rejected by them to the same extent that Nazism has been by society as a whole. You will find that conservatives in America very much espouse democracy and civil rights as part of their small government arguments. The greatest critics of Republicans who eventually remove the dictators that the left accuses them of supporting are invariably overwhelmingly from the left. The hypocrisy becomes nauseating after awhile.

[quote=Latias]So all you could do is complain that the left in general fail to denounce the Soviet Union. And express faith that the Republicans would remove the dictators and brutal insurgents that that they are in comity with. I don’t know what the adverb “eventually” means. I would also say that the Soviet Union’s repression apparatus would “eventually” wither away once it has attained communism. Why install or support oppressive dictators in the first place? Again, this is about Islam, not about the mainstream left’s attitude towards to the Soviet Union (which I might add is not very sympathetic towards it, and also you neglect to know that a significant number of far-lefts are anarcho-communists and Trotskyists).

I could understand why you would think that supporting “local Muslims” (your euphemistic description of what are essentially theocratic reactionaries) would be worth it since you believe that the Soviet Union was evil. I don’t mind that. But you should admit that Reagan supported oppressive Sunni theocrats and condemned Afghanistan to being an Islamist reactionary quagmire in the process. It may be worth it to you and the West, but it certainly was not worth it for the women there who want some independence and do not want to wear burkas. You should acknowledge the entire cynical nature of US support and propaganda (such as calling jihadists “freedom fighters”).

Whether or not most leftists like Stalin or the Soviet Union is neither here nor there. In the case at hand, the criticism from the left was for supporting conservative Afghani religious organization in their war against the Soviet Union, as if the Cold War was frivolous and unnecessary thing. This is the context which fully supports that the view that there has been no universal repudiation of the communist system from the left as has been the case against Nazism from everybody. Communism is the other totalitarian system that was a product of the twentieth century. How much longer will it be, how many more classist genocides exponentially greater than Nazism will it take, how many more ruined economies; how much longer will conservatives be expected by those from the left to apologize for Western victory over the vile system of communism?
This will go down as the everlasting shame of the left that we are arguing over these things even now.
There will be no apologies forthcoming to repent of taking any and all necessary measures to ultimately defeat Soviet communism and the global socialist movement that defined the enemy of freedom and civil rights during the Cold War era.
It was even deemed necessary to ally with communism at all things at one point in order to defeat the other loathsome totalitarian political system.
No apologies for that either.

So you are not going to apologize for anything. I certainly would not expect you to apologize for the Guatemalan coup, Chilean coup, and the funding of theocratic jihadists in Afghanistan, among other things.

Fidel Castro apologized for the treatment of homosexuals in Cuba.


Elizabeth Warren is warming up in the green room.

If she’s smart, she’ll wait four years to run. Then she can run against Trump’s policies rather than defending 12+ yrs of Dem policies.




What is socialism to you people? Can someone give me a definition? To you, Venezuela is socialist, but so is Bernie Sanders and the USSR. The economic and political system in Venezuela is not reminiscent of the USSR, and Bernie Sanders is not advocating a system like any of those two countries. So what is socialism to you? It seems like a bit of a meaningless buzzword in the context it’s being used in this thread. Socialism is anything that’s bad and even slightly left of center.

So, what is socialism, and how did it contribute to the economic crisis in Venezuela? I’d really like someone to answer this for me.

Venezuela is a country that relies heavily on exporting oil and doesn’t really produce anything else, so has to rely on importing things like food. I think something like 95% of export revenues came from oil, and the prices for Venezuelan oil have dropped dramatically. This is obviously incredibly bad for Venezuela’s economy. I know Chavez caused problems in other ways, such as placing price controls on basic items which forced some producers to operate at a loss, so they refused to produce these goods or left Venezuela. This just made the country more dependent on imports, and so contributed to inflation. I don’t see how this relates to socialism. It’s also worth noting that Chavez’s initial popularity was because much of the country was incredibly poor, and his social reforms did manage to provide a better quality of life for many people.

Venezuela is not a socialist country, though Chavez may have been trying to achieve socialism. Something like 80% of the workforce are employed in the private sector. Socialist countries do not have a private sector. Socialism is the negation of capitalism, the end of private property and wage labour. Private ownership is replaced with workers’ ownership of the means of production. Nationalization does not equal socialism.


The context of my statement was my quote, of socialists running Venezuela blaming America and the usual suspects for their poor performance.

The bankers did not blame the socialists, but went begging to government to life them up from their crisis.

The banks received plenty of criticism for their mismanagement, as did government policy which alllowed and even encouraged the banks to make bad loans. The bursting of the real estate bubble has been well documented, well discussed, and the banks have certainly have been correctly identified as a large part of the problem.

As for the socialists, it is the usual suspects. Just listen to the responses of socialists here too.
They blame America. They blame the cabal of elitist conspirators bringing the economy down for their own nefarious aims.

What is never blamed is the unsustainability of a revolution built upon populist socialism.

The ‘pox on both of their houses’ line of cyncism continues in your responses to me.

No self-respecting libertarian would ever defend socialism against valid criticism against socialists failing to take responsibility and owning their failures.:rolleyes:

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