Venezuelan Government Media Charge Catholic Hierarchy in Plot to Assassinate Chavez

So this tin-pot dictator is inventing enemies and claiming that the CAtholic Church tried to have him killed. Hopefully at least some of the people there will see through his buffoonery.

A government-run media outlet is reporting that a document has been discovered showing that the Church’s hierarchy, opposition students, and others are plotting the assassination of President Hugo Chavez. Last month, supporters of President Chavez, in line with previous harassment of the Church hierarchy, threw tear gas at the residence of the apostolic nuncio.

Full story here with links to related articles.

With previous actions such as trying to gather power into a totalitarian method:

[quote=news24]Church leaders on Friday issued a strongly-worded statement accusing Chavez of seeking to concentrate power with an “authoritarian” proposal to overhaul the OPEC nation’s constitution that he helped rewrite in 1999.

And not to mention the infamous ‘Tumor’ that the Church leadership is/was supposed to be:

[quote=IHT]Relations with the church have been hostile before, and Chavez once called the church leadership a “tumor.” In the past couple of years, relations have grown somewhat more cordial while both sides appeared to seek a rapprochement.


Supporters of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez hurled tear-gas canisters at the residence of the papal nuncio in Caracas on Monday morning, January 19, after a speech in which Chavez denounced his critics, including the country’s Catholic bishops. A pro-Chavez mob also threw tear-gas bombs at the home of the director of a Catholic television station that has criticized the Venezuelan leader. In a fiery speech the previous evening, Chavez had denounced student protests against his plans for constitutional revisions that will strengthen his political power. The president advised supporters to deal severely with anyone who would disrupt government operations, and “spray them with gas.”


Nothing more than abuse of power, and pushing assailment upon his opposition

God Bless.


Looks like Chavez is trying to fabricate a reason to do a Marxist purge of the Catholic Church from Venezuela. Anyone surprised? :cool:

Just how long will it be before it happens here.

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