Venezuelan government plunders toy manufacturer to redistribute toys to the poor


Venezuelan government plunders toy manufacturer to redistribute toys to the poor

In some twisted version of Socialist Robin Hood, the Venezuelan government last week confiscated, by their own count, 3.8 million toys from a distributor and plans to hand them out to poor children this Christmas season.

CNN reports the Venezuelan government alleges that Kreisel-Venezuela, the largest toy distributor of its kind in the country, planned to sell the toys to families at a much-inflated price. Government officials say they will now make the toys available to poorer areas at a below-market price point.


Venezuela has been experiencing a severe economic collapse…



I don’t know anything about Venezuelan history, although I know Latin America was more susceptible to old-school communism in the 20th century than N. America was.

Why is the country still so radically far to the left in certain ways? They’re an open border country with free travel between their neighbors. You would think they would have softened up some by now, but maybe they already have.



It doesn’t read like news. I am dubious of the story.


You may be right, CNN was the source


Maybe the Venezuelan government used sea pirates as a proxy army to cease the toys?


Definitely “fake news”! :wink:


Something somewhat similar happened 2 yrs ago involving an Amazon distribution center, it was after Christmas, and they had a lot of toys/games that were either returns or items they could not sell, so they placed them in a large roll off dumpster, and they actually had security guards monitoring the dumpster to prevent employees from going dumpster diving, until the garbage company came and took the dumpster…well, it turns out the roll off driver discovered what the dumpster was full of and once back at the landfill, the employees gathered them all up and donated to a local childrens home.


Interestingly enough, open borders don’t mean quite as much if no one wants to move within those borders.


Thank you for the link. I tried to find out what theblaze was.

I always wonder who in their right mind would invest money in a country with a history of seizing property.


And didn’t Venezuela close their own border a while back, because too many were traveling to Columbia to buy food? Columbia convinced them to reopen it, temporarily.

I think it’s heavily guarded now to stop smugglers.


I am just waiting for a reader to come on here and try (yet again) to convince readers that Venezuela isn’t REALLY a socialist Government (as I’ve seen in other threads).


Oh, I think this conversation will be devoid of left-wing commentary. There are just some things that not even the craftiest socialist acolytes can deny.


Venezuela is number two in my list of most inexplicable countries, only behind North Korea. This is but the latest example of bizarre behavior.


The new currency policy for Venezuela added a 20,000 note. Phew, it takes a lot of Venezuelan bolivars to buy bread and milk.

I was reading a lucky few Venezuelans (who can afford it) have been buying bitcoins, using them to purchase Amazon gift cards online and ordering food and supplies.


I’m fine with it.


What if they seized property to give to the rich for development instead?


What if they seized property from the rich and gave it to everyone instead?


The economy becomes gutted as no one will ever invest in anything again. That which is being productive will be sold off, abroad if necessary, as fast as possible. Besides, who could seize it? The military? They do not work for free.


So now the Venezuelan government has toys for the kids, but no food or medicine for them.

Priorities are messed up.

At least that little girl who died gets a nice doll to be buried with. Or will they plunder that yet again and give it to another kid?

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