Venial Sin Alert: Accidentally Saying Good Lord


I accidentally said God da*n accidentally after confession and good lord, is that considered a venial sin?


Using God’s name in vain is considered a grave matter. At that point, it comes down to whether or not you had full knowledge and full control to be a mortal sin. Generally, if something slips out by accident, it at least indicates that the third condition was not present, and the sin is therefore venial. It is still good to bring up in next Confession, though.


You mean right after you walked out of confession?? Or just at some point after confession? I would say its not good but I believe its just venial because you said it on impulse, just came out. You didn’t methodically think to say it - thus you didn’t have free will/consent to it.

Good lord might just be a phrase, I’m not sure that counts as taking God’s name in vein. I guess it depends how you used it


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