Venial sin - how wrong is this?

I have confessed that I’ve texted while driving , and confessed that before I texted I thought to confess it. I actually did this twice. Will I still be forgiven? And I’m assuming this is a venial sin, but did I make it worse by thinking to confess beforehand?

Is there actually a firm purpose to amend one’s behavior there? I know of pedestrians being killed by persons texting while driving. You are in control of a piece of metal weighing at least a couple thousand pounds moving at a high rate of speed, is texting so necessary? It only takes a momentary lapse of attention from keeping your visual field in front of you in your direction of travel…

Personally, I think that texting while driving is more serious than you may believe because it could result in the death of an innocent person.

I have only one thing to say: God’s mercy is without end. Don’t forget that. Forgiveness is always possible.

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