Venial sin (maybe mortal) or no?


So I was in gym playing basketball (basketball is my favorite sport and I’m very passionate) and I had a ball hogger on my team. Needless to say, he did anger me because of it. I was trying hard to try not to be angry. I didn’t do anything except say “I got the ball once” but didn’t mention anyone. I had one passing thought about shooting over him & crossing him over. Is this a sin?


Try not to think about shooting people.


Sports are usually pretty competitive and often emotions run high. As you didn’t act upon your rankled emotions I guess I would rank it as venial. If in doubt go to confession.


Scripture says “Be angry and sin not”. Anger is not a sin. Anger, when unbridled, lowers one’s inhibitions and can lead to sin.


Anger isn’t a sin. Acting improperly because of it is. So, based on what you’ve written here, there was no sin.


Shoot could be attempt to score in sports.


Shooting over someone with a basketball is OK.


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