Venial Sins


Is it in general almost impossible to commit these; especially if certain so-called offences really come under the umbrella of the ‘passions’ .?



Most venial sins wouldn’t come under passion, I wouldn’t think.

Venial sin comes about most often through force of mental habit, IMNAAHO.



Not sure what your asking. But yes venial sins are quite possible to commit…we commit them rather often…hence they are also called “daily sins”…for which we pray "Our Father…forgive us…etc


Interesting replies! - Thank you.

Do they all have to be ‘intentional’?

That’s the sort of thing I mean/asking.


NB: I am not intending to be obscure in any way; just interested in different ‘takes’ that’s all.


There are various sorts of venial sins…(deliberate, semi-deliberate, faults (sins) of surprise, habitual venial sins etc …)



Interesting reflection thistle; particularly your ‘take’ on the matter of consent and those who ‘do not decisively set themselves on turning away from God’.



Note in order to commit a mortal sin one does not have to intend to turn away from God.

One does not have to think by this murder I am turning way from God. One rather knows that murder is gravely wrong and with full knowledge one deliberately murders a person…


No, it doesn’t have to be. A very common venial sin is misusing the Lord’s name, as it’s often unintentional and due to a lack of reflection. It’s sinful because it’s still an objectively wrong act, but due to a lack of malice and intent, it doesn’t rise to the level of mortal sin.





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