Venus Williams Plays First Round of French Open in Style

What in the world is going on? Now some are playing tennis in outfits resembling lingerie and seeming to “flash” spectators? One picture I saw showed the illusion of Ms. Williams’ naked bottom being displayed as her skirt flew all the way up to show her backside (it was an illusion because she was wearing skin colored panties with a back seam), but it does graphically show how low our standards for dress have sunk to have people playing tennis dressed like that. What are people thinking?! Can you imagine going to watch a tennis match with your family and getting an eyeful of that, the player’s seemingly “naked” bottom?! Is nothing safe anymore? Why? Why would a tennis player feel the need to dress like that for a match? :eek::bigyikes::eek:

"Venus Williams Plays First Round of French Open in Style

The Williams sisters are known for shocking the masses with edgy on-court attire.

But Venus Williams took her game to new heights this weekend, awing the crowd at Roland Garros by wearing a dress reminiscent of something you’d likely see at a frat party on Halloween."…

Entire article here:

i saw the photo from a link on the drudge report. it looked like she was wearing a lingerie.
then when i saw the photo with the skirt of her tennis outfit up revealing her rear end area - it was so gross!!! what is wrong with her? if she wants to wear that while she is practicing at home, that is one thing, but i thought it was inappropriate for her to dress that way for the French Open. i hope they told her to go change.

You didn’t see her rear end. She was wearing flesh-colored tights under the tennis outfit.

I saw the photo,and it sure looked like you were seeing her bare butt.She must have been wearing a thong panty,which shows your butt,just saying.

True, but the pretty convincing illusion was that you were viewing her naked backside. Do people who attend tennis matches really want to see that? To see what I mean, see the pictures in the articles below.

WARNING: Illusion of nudity, illusion of moonshots, viewing may be startling and even offensive. WARNING

Venus Williams wears a racy dress in French Open debut

Ooh la la! Venus Williams reveals a little too much in lacy burlesque dress at French Open


In the last post, second link, I swear you can see BUTT SWEAT- NOT CUTE.

You can argue ‘illusion’ and ‘style’ all you want, but wheres the MODESTY? geeez louise girl…she looks like she rolled out in a lingerie peice…Obviously she is trying to draw attention to herself, for what reason- I do not know, shes totally talented. Maybe low self esteem?? Thats what I always think when I see chicks wearing hoochie outfits. :shrug:

The article explains it:

Venus is becoming renowned for her on-court dress, which she wears to give publicity to her personal clothing line.

But that wasnt from her clothing line…idk…I’m just not impressed.

And say that WAS her clothing line, show it off where its RELEVANT. It just doesnt make sense to display it on a tennis court :confused:

I work for Hallmark. If I decided to start my own lingerie line, I wouldnt show up at work in lingerie and a Hallmark smile…LMBO ((know what I mean??)) Attach a promotional show to a Victorias Secret runway show or something…

I’ve seen some other people on my facebook talking about it…and they’re like…well Ballroom dancers wear outfits that have flesh colored tights…or…ice skaters…

Ok, but thats like, ‘relativism’ isnt it? I mean, to each profession their own- What if my kids kindergarten teacher started her own lingerie line and decided to show up in one of her fits??? eeeeeek…

LMBO I dont know this just reeks of wrong to me…I dont think she should be suspended or taken from a game or anything…but…maybe a friend should tell her to calm down with her bad self :cool:

How do we know that? It may not be in her retail line at present, or even in the future. It may just be like some of the over-the-top runway pieces done by designers to get publicity, which then translates into retail sales of their toned-down versions.

[quote=Charlotte408]And say that WAS her clothing line, show it off where its RELEVANT. It just doesnt make sense to display it on a tennis court :confused:

I work for Hallmark. If I decided to start my own lingerie line, I wouldnt show up at work in lingerie and a Hallmark smile.

If you had hundreds of cameras and millions of fans following your every move at your desk, you might consider profiting from it, within the rules of your job. Female tennis players show a bit more skin (and undergarments) than most office workers, so pushing underwear or skimpy outerwear isn’t such a stretch.

Whether the rules should be tightened to prevent what we’ve seen from Venus is another matter. There’s also the issue that she’s a star player. Officials may or may not give such latitude to the player ranked #63.

if she was wearing something, it didn’t do a good job of hiding anything. in other words, she might as well NOT been wearing anything. i thought it was not a very professional look and something a streetwalker might wear. :shrug:

I’m not sure the comparison holds since Williams doesn’t work for a company, she works for herself. She is her own brand and if what she is wearing is from her clothing line, then wearing it on the court is a bit of free advertising.

I’m not saying what she wore was right. I suspect that Digitonomy is correct in saying that she was given latitude as a star player that much lower ranked players would not have been given.

"Bare-all Venus blames bum deal genetics
(AFP) – 16 minutes ago

PARIS — Venus Williams insists that she doesn’t take to the court intending to titillate male spectators and says her outfits only generate attention due to the assets nature gave her.

Venus has taken to the court at the French Open this week sporting a racy black dress with red trim and skin-coloured underwear."…

Entire article here:

Oh thats the biggest steamiest pile of bull POOP I’ve ever smelt. I’m totally cute, have a cute body…in fact I look, (in many peoples opinions) CUTER with no make up on, capris…a cute top-

I attract attention ‘unintentionally’ because yes, even though I may be wearing comfy clothes, God has naturally blessed me…

Stepping out half naked is not ‘unintentional’- you are flaunting your body, your God given assets. Too bad she doesnt know that people can appreciate them, maybe even appreciate them MORE if she displays them in a respectable manner.

I think she’s just trying to get some attention again (her little sister’s dominated the past decade)

Still, I think even their Jehovah’s Witnesses faith would have something against that…

Perhaps it was because she wanted to distract her opponent. I think it’s strategy.

Wouldn’t that only work if her opponent were a dude?

Myself, I think it’s shameful.

No. If the Lakers came out to play in boxer-briefs or banana hammocks, wouldn’t that have distracted the Celtics?

The article characterized the outfit as, "reminiscent of something you’d likely see at a frat party on Halloween," and that about sums it up.

There are some people in sports to whom others can look for good examples. Others, not so much.



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