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Dear brothers and sisters,

Would anyone be willing to upload some resources (e.g. Catechism of Catholic Church) for Verbum Bible Software 6? I need it for my study of theology. :shrug:

Thanks and God bless! :thumbsup:


I’d like to help you out, but I’m afraid that would be copyright infringement. I believe purchasing the library is akin to purchasing hardcopy books, which prohibit copying (downloading) without express permission of the author.

Although perhaps a Verbum 6 owner who as administrative rights for a group program (they offer for parishes), might lend you on of the licenses.

As a matter of fact, I don’t believe the files can be downloaded…the best that might be done would be for someone to copy them into a word document…tough to do, given the volumes of materials…I know my library consists of over 2000 volumes.

Peace and all good!


The Catechism of the Catholic Church is already available free online.


Maybe we are misunderstanding what you are asking. Do you already own Verbum? What exactly are you looking for other than what is either already available for free online or else available for purchase via Verbum? If you are interested in the software itself, they have a $50 Catechism package. They generally give deals for theology students, so if you call, you might even get a better deal than that.


Thank you all for your answers and thoughts. I’m resident of one poor country and I don’t have money to buy Verbum Bible Software or CCC package for Verbum Software or any other resource. Recently, some good friends from abroad, who wish to remain anonymous, have sent me Verbum Bible Software installation file. I don’t have any resource in it and no license key. I would be very grateful if someone could PM me with some Verbum library package. In my opinion, every Christian motto should be this: “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

May God bless you! :slight_smile:



We cannot “freely give” that which we have not received and that belongs to someone else. And none of us have received the permission to give away materials we are not legally entitled to distribute. There is no “license key” we can send you. The only option would be to send you our login information so that you could download the entire Verbum package as though you were us. That is clearly in violation of their Terms of Service.

I can appreciate that you are in a position of limited means. But, as others have pointed out already, the Catechism is already freely available on the internet (here, here, and here for starters). There are loads of other Catholic resources available for free all over the internet. Is there some reason those are not sufficient?

If you really need a Verbum package, then you might try contacting them directly. Maybe they can help you out.


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