Vermont Country Store Adds Sex Aids To Its Catalog

His three partner sons don’t like this addition, it’s papa’s idea so hopefully more letters will come in to help persuade him to reconsider.

I actually called, emailed, wrote a letter, and returned a $50.00 Vermont Country Store gift certificate last year in protest. The owner sent me a letter trying to justify his decision, but I threw the letter away in disgust. I’m glad that other customers have cancelled as well. The Vermont Country Store totally tarnished an otherwise delightful catalog.

Part of the store’s appeal is that everything in the catalog is old-fashioned, practical, or proven to work.

While I disagree with them selling ordinary, modern sex toys and enhancements because it is not in keeping with their wholesome image, it would be somewhat comic, and certainly within their scope, to offer old-fashioned hanky-panky accessories. (You know, the kind that we all suspect that Mr. Cleaver keeps in a shoe box under his twin bed?):blush:

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