Vernacular prayers to Latin translation help

I wanted to have these English prayers translate to Latin since they are in vernacular so I have no clue where to translate even computer translation (quick, but terrible translation, even I can see the errors in the translation, even though I can’t understand fully). (Note: I am a Chinese, so I never learn Latin at all, another note: I know English, French (Currently learning), Mandarin (Spoken language while Chinese is the written language), Cantonese, Hakka (My maternal dead Chinese language) and Hokkien (Another dead Chinese language, but popular in Taiwan)) I love many languages, but I prefer Latin as the prayer language because it related to the Church and some of the saints.

The last prayer is in French and if you can understand French, you can help me to translate to Latin.

In case you don’t get any help here at Catholic Answers, another possibility might be the Latin Mass Society. Here is the LMS website in Britain:

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