Does anyone know if Veronica was among those called to be apostles? I don’t mean the 12 but there were also 72. Maybe more. There was Lucy and Anastasia among others. I read a story that Veronica was following with those who followed Jesus while carrying his cross and wiped his face and there was an image of his face on the cloth.

I thought the 72 were all men.

The 72 were called disciples, but not apostles.

Veronica, Lucy and Anastasia are not mentioned in the Bible.

Veronica was the “woman with the issue of blood” the Bible mentions.

Veronica is NOT mentioned in the Bible.

Then I must have heard wrong. Because I always heard that woman with the issue of blood was called ‘Veronica’. I have a rosary book that mentions her as that woman and here is a internet source.

I had always understood that the name “Veronica” came from the Greek words for “true image,” and was synthesized to identify the woman whose story is told in the 6th Station - an event that is not in fact in Scripture. I also want to remember learning that the origin of the story of “Veronica’s veil” was that the Shroud may at one time in its history have been displayed as a folded cloth with only the Face showing, thus giving rise to the idea of a veil on which the Face of Christ appeared. Anyone else learn it this way?

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