Very beautiful service


My university is affiliated with the United Methodist church (though Catholics are the largest religious group) and tonight, they were celebrating Reformation Sunday. Well, they decided to invite our priest and Catholic community for a service of Reconciliation to pray for healing in the broken body of Christ and it was beautiful! I could not stop thanking the minister or the priest afterward. Lol, my priest said it was his first time at a Methodist service but I was somewhat familiar because before I became Catholic, I frequented different Protestant churches myself.

It just amazes me how all Luther really wanted was reform and it just spiraled out of control. Most early Protestants still believed in the Eucharist, in Mary’s perpetual virginity, etc. but even those were lost as they distanced themselves from the Catholic faith. Even today, I have heard anti-Catholic sentiment from well-meaning Protestants and vice versa. Selling indulgences is always wrong, it should have just stayed there. But people on both sides were prideful. And what happened? A huge schism.

Pray for healing in the broken body of Christ!!!


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