Very confused about all these politics

why are all these political issues now entangled with morality? why is wanting to increase a country’s security now somehow wrong?

I mean I don’t agree with all the procedure necessarily and I certainly have a heart for people who are trying to find a better life for themselves and fleeing difficult situations

but drug cartels are a real problem, human trafficking is a real problem, terrorism using the name of islam is a real thing. if walls and travel bans are becoming immoral (not that I’m saying there are the best idea, I actually don’t know how to approach this), what are some alternative solutions that culd be considered?

so what are the pope and bishops actualy saying about all of it. there is a lot of random information out there.

I’m just very confused.

Me too.

Premise: Excusing the fact that many people find immigration into America as the only, best way to provide for themselves and their families, they come here legally and illegally.

Hard to see how anyone would object to those who come legally.

As for illegal entry, I think it fair to acknowledge to 90 - 95% of them mean us no harm. They, like most of us, love their families and intend to work hard to provide for them.

We do and should have legitimate concern about that small 5 - 10% that enter illegally and either intend to do harm or end up doing harm because they cannot do better for a variety of reasons.

We do not have a good way to sort this out. We have not sorted it out for 50 plus years. Haphazard law enforcement creates much stress.

Question: If I truly need a car to get to work and I do not have the money to buy a car, is it socially acceptable for me to rob a bank to get the money and buy a car? Do I deserve ‘sanctuary’ from prosecution because I had a real need to break the law?

Now substitute illegal entry for the same reasons.

Why would we allow two different answers?

The Pope and bishops do not distinguish between legal immigrants (those who come here under the proper legal process) and illegal aliens (those who cross the border at will and ignore our immigration laws). We have every right to protect our borders and know just who we are letting in and what their intentions are. Walls and a temporary hold on travel from certain countries is not immoral. No one leaves their front door open and invites anyone who wants a hot shower, a place to sleep or a snack from the fridge to wander in and come and go. The best, most fair way to deal with the problem is to make the legal process of entry less burdensome and to come up with a reliable way to screen people who want to come here. A good, well run, temporary guest worker program would also let those who do not wish to live here, to still come and work for a few months and then return home.

The Vatican has made it very clear that there needs to be a balance between sovereign nations and movement of people.

To have open borders means you risk terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, slavery and outbreaks of tropical diseases regardless of how “racist” people call that. I assure you that is far off from the mind of those suffering from Ebola and malaria.

To simply refuse people to be mean isn’t happening anymore. Many of the rich nations don’t have the luxury (since they’ve embraced the Culture of Death in many cases) and besides, most people have an inkling to be kind to those struggling elsewhere.

There’s no question about it. Walls work well. Israel has them.

God is not a God of confusion.

There are a whole series of very good posts here that show there should be
no confusion.

The main issues for religious catholic Americans should be:

abortion being legalized via fiat of the SCOTUS
same sex marriage being made mandatory by the SCOTUS

these are horrible atrocities with respect to Church teaching.
Cardinal Dolan has been repeatedly saying, since 1987,
that a Roman Catholic, cannot, in good conscience, vote for
a candidate that is a pro-abort, or, who
has subjugated the issue of abortion to other
“social” issues;
IMHO, the sin of voting for a pro-abort exceeds any other sin.

Moreover, IMHO, the sin of supporting same sex marriage by
voting, exceeds any other sin.

IMHO, when one candidate is a pro-abort and pro same sex marriage,
and the other
is against abortion and defers to SCOTUS on the marriage issue,
the latter candidate is the only choice for a roman Catholic.

IMHO, If we look at the attempt to appoint conservative Judge Gorsuch
to SCOTUS, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that
the candidate favored by God won the election.

Prove it.

IMHO God doesn’t triffle with American politics, and wouldn’t make mistakes if he did.

Prove it. Provide citations with evidence showing that the Holy Father and his brother bishops affirmatively made such statements

I seem to recall that Pope Francis said both that countries have the right to maintain their borders and that migrants should be treated with respect. I think building a wall is unrealistic and that snide comment about Israel ignores the fact that those walls are keeping people out of a land that already belong to them and by the way just so you know the Israeli government has taken Church property to build those walls not every Palestinian is Muslim. But this isn’t about Israel this is about immigration.

that makes sense. there certainly needs to be a balance

but from what I hear, the Mexican bishops are not supportive of the wall.

like I said, I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not but I didn’t hink it was immoral

I’m curious to why you think a wall wouldn’t work? and what could some otheroptions be?

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