Very cool and powerful message


I personally have fell in love with the Ayme family, their smiles are amazing. Personally I feel shameful, stupidity, sadness and just depressed looking at these. We waste far to much, and the ones who the poorest seem happier and more healthy no less.

There are links on the bottom for more pictures and the source. I would highly reccomend looking at these with your family.


Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this...just showed my kids, they were amazed, as I am. We eat way too many processed foods, boxed foods, etc in this country...and it amazes me how much healthier (and less) some other countries are able to eat. This post comes in the right time for Lent, we need to start making better choices. :o


Amazing how the US, Great Britain, and Japan have relatively so few fresh fruits and veggies (understandable for the family in Chad). There is a raw vegan family in Ojai that did a similar pic after this article came out--showing them with all the gorgeous fresh produce they eat in a week. It wa honestly far more appetizing than all these bags of chips and take-out pizza.

(Please note this is not an indictment against anyone's food choices. I'm the first to admit I certainly eat more than my fair share of chips and pizza and junk food.) ;)



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