Very cool! Customize your own on-line radio station!

Ok - this has probably been around forever and I'm the last to know, but I just found this and I LOVE IT!!!!

You choose artists you like, and as you do it brings up more artists in that genre and you just keep adding them. Then it plays the music you like based on your preferences.

I often like to listen to music while I'm working but can never find a station I like, I don't want to hear my own music all the time, and I hate commercials.

This is so cool!!!



Liza, there are also sites where you can also create your own radio station to broadcast whatever you like--live talk show, recorded music, etc.--over the Internet. I created one to broadcast my fiance (God rest his soul) and his band live whenever they played somewhere that had Wi-Fi.


Basic accounts are free, as are the utilities you'll need (Winamp and a Shoutcast plugin). Other than that, just a mic and/or your favorite CDs.


Thanks Lizaanne. Listening now and no you weren't the last:o

Another service you might want to try out is Pandora. I'm not sure how Jango operates, but as far as I know, Pandora is the only online streaming site to use something like the Music Genome Project.

In a nutshell, most streaming sites will look at the artist you've chosen, determine their genre, and then give you more artists it considers to fit that genre. Pandora goes much deeper. The Music Genome Project looks at nearly 400 different attributes for any given song, such as beat, tempo, chord progression, instruments, bass lines, everything. That allows Pandora to offer a more diverse selection of songs in response to a given song or artist, things that you would have never thought to associate yourself, or have never heard of, yet fit in nicely with the station you've created.

That depth, combined with the ability to give thumbs up or down to any song (which influences what style of songs the station will then give you), or to combine stations if you want a mix of styles (some Daft Punk mixed in with some Decemberists mixed with some songs similar to "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey), in my experience leads to more interesting and diverse results.

I'll be giving Jango a look though, I can always use more music!

I think I've heard of Pandora but never tried it - I'll check it out.

I've learned that Jango also will kick you over to another "station" created by someone else with similar tastes which has been cool. I've found a couple of new artists today that I like and have added to my own list.


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