Very embarrassing confession question

So I made a general confession Because of a previous invalid confession and I need to know if I made it invalid. So I confessed the sin that,
" when I was between the ages of 6 - 9 I had watched porn with my brother who is one year younger thanMe . We re-enacted what we saw and I put my private in his mouth for like one second." very embarrassing I know. My question is I can’t remember if we had seen the pornography before we did this, it was soo long ago I estimated we did and I estimated our age if we were say 10 would that invalidate the entire confession because I estimated between 6 and 9?

Don’t sweat it. God knows the details and if you confessed it and were absolved, it’s over.

Yes I was given absolution. I just want to make sure I did not subconsciously try to dance around or lessen the gravity of the sin. I recall watching pornography at a very early age. I recall doing that with my brother for literally a second. I recall doing it at a very young age. So i estimated between 6-9 and having done what we saw on tv. Would it make the sin less or more if say we had not seen pornography first? Or i got the ages wrong by a year or two? Sorry for all the questions.

Some would say that there were two sins, one watching porn and one of the act, but that’s really splitting hairs. Since “it” or “they” were confessed and forgiven, it’s really not important at this point.

Like I said, God knows when it was, you were sorry for it, you confessed it, and you were forgiven for it. It doesn’t matter if you were mistaken on your timeline. People who have not been to confession for 10, 20, even 30 years or more. There’s no way they could remember specific sins and when they happened. The important thing is not “when” specifically, but that it happened, you’re sorry and confessed it, and were absolved.

So it’s been taken care of.

Best thing to do is to use that as a learning experience of the dangers of veiwing porn, and not worry about something that, in the eyes of the Lord, is like something that never happened. It can really be addicting for some folks and get them in the state of mind that they might do sinful things that they might not ordinarily or otherwise do.

Since we were pretty young ( 5th grade and under i know for sure) wouldn’t there be a huge difference if the act had taken place say when we were 16 and 17? I do recall as a child I would always want to be naked for some reason like run around the street naked swim naked etc, my mom was telling me how I always hated getting dressed etc… Funny now im very self conscience about my body. Do you think as a child there could there have been something wrong with me mentally? I would consider myself very normal now, just a normal Catholic going to confession when I do sin, trying my hardest not to commit sin/ doing what Christ had taught…Attending college etc… Me and my bro have never talked about the incident since it happened it would be way to awkward though I did confess it soo I prolly should not spend time dwelling on it…

It doesn’t sound to me like there was anything wrong with you mentally, my nephews liked to like to run around naked when they were little too. As long as you don’t do it now:D… And what you confessed was most likely a pretty normal reaction for a kid that age after seeing porn. What a grace that you were able to confess it! The way you describe it, it was a good confession. Confession can be hard but a blessing for us anyway because then we can really put things like that behind us for good.


I think the answers above (and in other very related threads that you’ve started) have been quite specific, sufficient, practical, and very helpful.

Is there a substantive point that hasn’t yet been answered?

As with resentment (re-sensing some real or imagined injury, over and over ago) I don’t think it’s all that helpful to over analyze and dwell on something that’s occurred so long ago.

Do you want to move forward, or do you want to continue to reveal little details over the weeks in this and other similar threads, keeping the topic(s) alive over time, as it were?

I’ve noticed that there’s a very long and varied train of these sorts of threads coming up again and again, often by the very same people with only slightly different facts.

Thanks for all the responses. I apologize for bring it up again and I see your point Edward. I have gotten plenty of great responses thanks to all.

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