Very embarrassing question...

I need some advice on how to combat premature e…
“More practice” is not much of an option as nfp is limiting our opportunities to twice a month or less for the last several months.
Backing off or stopping when it is close will be extremely difficult as it goes from 0-10 on the “pleasure scale” very quickly and without warning.

It is extremely frustrating and embarrassing. The last several times I have finished before my wife. Last night it happened while I was “taking care of her” before I even entered and I could not stop it. I am way too mentally stimulated from her enjoyment of intimacy and it takes almost nothing to cause this issue.

Someone please help me!

I believe there are “numbing creams” available to help counter this problem. Your doctor can probably help you with this, although they typically don’t require a prescription.

Why not go and see your doctor…he can give you advice and also check you over for any underlying health issues that could be causing it

I second what the other posters have said: if this is a problem you’ve had only recently, then a medical opinion would be in order. Various factors, including alcohol / tobacco use and thyroid dysfunction, can contribute - as can anxiety (my own unpublished research shows this - I must really stop being lazy and send it in somewhere :D) There are a variety of pharmacological treatments available, but they’re all prescription drugs. I hope you get the help you need.

I agree with the others, If I were in your situation, I would seek the advice of a doctor.

Wow really? A doctor?

How the heck am I supposed to tell him that? This could quickly get MUCH more embarrassing!

Go for “round 2”

Not at all, we’re used to hearing such things. We’re like confessors, in a way. :smiley:

(Also, best estimates show that around 4-20% of men have this problem, so take comfort; you’re not alone.)

The passion isn’t there like the first time and it is not nearly as fun. In fact, round 2, if even possible within a reasonable amount of time is like work.

Can your wife “take care of you” first, then after you are “finished” you can “take care of her”?

An excellent suggestion. :smiley:

(Also, OP: if you’re going to post about PE on a public Internet forum that anyone, male or female, can read at their leisure, what’s wrong in talking to a doctor in his office? Just sayin’.) :smiley:

Please discuss your medical issue with a health professional.

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