Very excited...

I thought I would have to wait until fall to start RCIA. However, the parish RCIA contact gave me a call today (killing time waiting at the doctor’s office, bonus!) and we had a nice, brief conversation. He invited me to attend the RCIA session starting… TOMORROW! He also said how thrilled he was to hear that I wanted to convert, which was a nice thing to hear. He seemed very nice and very genuinely excited, and I can’t wait to attend.

I’m a little worried about finding the building, but so excited to go meet some folks in real life and talk about the Church. The RCIA leader and I are also going to meet next week to discuss the (terrifying, to me) situation with my first marriage and going before the Tribunal. Even so, this will be really nice, and at least I will know some folks at Mass! I do understand that I may be unable to be received into the Church for quite a while, depending on the Tribunal, but I don’t mind that… too much :wink:

This is a parish that my great aunt attended when she could (she was in a nursing home for a long time), and from which she was buried last year, which is why I contacted them. So I’ve got a family connection to go with the Apostolic connection, too. I’m really thrilled about this opportunity to learn more. :thumbsup: :smiley:

Good luck and welcome home! :thumbsup:

Wonderful. Good news. Help others you find there!

Welcome Home! The sooner you can get the anullment paperwork under way the better! Don’t miss the Easter Vigil this year, it will be on the Saturday evening before Easter.

I went to my first RCIA session tonight and it was great. We discussed the readings for the upcoming Sunday and even with all of my sola scriptura Baptist upbringing there were points raised that I had never considered. I especially liked the way all the readings tied together. I feel like I have a new understanding now of the Holy Spirit. Just a nascent understanding, but something I can follow and explore. I found it very interesting and edifying and really enjoyed the session. There is one other candidate there, and there were three members of the parish there as well.

I also got a cupcake even though I had to leave right as we finished discussion as I had to pick up a prescription before the pharmacy closed. Figures!

However, I am very much looking forward to going next week. I am also going to meet with the man who heads the RCIA program there about my specific case and so forth, just before the “regular” meeting. I’m so glad I decided to do this.

I don’t care if it’s a sin… I’m jealous :slight_smile:

I unfortunately do have to wait til fall but I can totally appreciate you’re excitement. Glad it’s going well for you :thumbsup:

We didn’t get cupcakes…


They were GOOD cupcakes, too. I also have the phone numbers of two of the RCIA parishoners (I’m not sure what they are called – those who facilitate the discussion) so that I can call them and meet them at Mass. That means I don’t have to be sitting alone in the back!

And no, I’m not just going for the cupcakes :smiley:

Cupcakes…how would we convert anyone if we didn’t have cupcakes?! :rotfl:

In all seriousness, welcome home my friend! It seems like you’re in good hands now!

I went to my first Mass at this parish today and even though I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing part of the time (I do not have everything memorized yet), I really feel like our discussion of the day’s readings at RCIA made the Mass a lot more meaningful for me. I think this is going to be very good.

Do they have the books there that help walk you through? They really helped me (and still do!)

I’m excited for you :smiley:

That’s great! It is so nice to hear people be excited about RCIA. It sounds like it will be an enjoyable process for you. And cupcakes are a bonus too :slight_smile:
Welcome home!

Good luck and God Bless. We had some yummy cupcakes today too.
(thanks to me!):smiley:

I think I ought to just start a blog, because I feel like talking about this so much.

Last night I met with the RCIA director to go over some intake information, and to provide basic information about my first marriage so that it can go before the Tribunal as necessary. Our director is great. He truly made me feel comfortable and when he led the RCIA session it was pretty amazing.

We discussed the upcoming readings for Sunday again, and again I was able to gain insight that I had not had before. One thing we talked about in particular was: What is holiness? It was a great conversation and opportunity for reflection in preparation for Mass this week. Soon we will be going over Mass itself.

The parish also offers daily Mass at 7am and I felt comfortable enough to attend for the first time today. It was an amazing way to begin my day and I think I will be going each day, though I cannot receive the Eucharist (yet… I can’t wait). One of the parishoners who comes to the RCIA meetings was there and made me feel welcome for having come.

I also get the opportunity to meet Father and the Vicar each week, and last night I also met the parish dog :smiley: who is friendly and beautiful. I babble, but it feels like coming home, truly it does. I am blessed.

Last night we also got NAB Bibles and… lemon cake :smiley:

I think a blog would be a nice idea; maybe others could benefit. Keep us posted. We are all blessed.

Holiness is a great topic.

I did start a blog. I am still really excited about this.

Today after Mass I had breakfast with my best friend of… wow, 19 years now. She is a cradle Catholic and we spent most of our breakfast discussing what I have been doing, the Church, prayers, and so on. I asked her if she would be willing to be my RCIA sponsor and she said, “I was wondering if you’d ever ask!”

That said… what is required of her? She has not regularly attended Mass for a few years but after our conversation feels (not just because of the sponsorship, but because of what I have been getting from it) that she will start attending regularly again, with her family, who are all Catholic.

I would like to ask her to come to a few RCIA classes with me, and I know that we can get together at least weekly to discuss the Church. Maybe this isn’t what you are supposed to look for in a sponsor but I also believe it will help her to renew and reinvigorate her own faith. And, since we have been friends for so very long, I know that we can have intense discussions and even disagreements and still love each other at the end of it all.

Does this seem reasonable? It’s a bit after the fact now, but…

I still am not sure when I will receive Reconciliation, Confirmation and the Eucharist but I think her family will be there when I do, which makes me very happy. Her mother in particular has been a great example of a faithful Catholic and is part of the reason I finally came around to converting. I consider them like my second family.

I guess that it might vary from place to place, but we were told the only time the sponsor absolutely has to be there is Easter. However, a few come to the class every week and most came to the first Rite we had.

I think most people look for sponsors that are active already, but my own sponsor was similar. After being asked to be a sponsor, she began coming to Mass more often and, through the classes, corrected a few misconceptions she had. I feel like the process has actually helped both of us.

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