Very fast confession


Here’s another wrinkle: I have twice been to Confession with priests that barely understood English. I don’t think that invalidated the Confession.


The Church has decided on a rite for confession, and the rite should be followed.

Even if it’s not, the absolution is still valid (in this scenario).

Sometimes people do express contrition while confessing, and do it in a way that makes an actual “act” of contrition redundant. Yes, that does sometimes happen.

I prefer to leave it at that while asking people to just trust that the priest-confessor knows what he’s doing.

If someone finds himself in a position where the priest outright “skips” the act of contrition, as I wrote in the last post, that person can just whisper a short one while the priest says the absolution.


Language has nothing to do with validity.


Thanks, Father. God bless


I would thank you if you were in front of me.


I would say that 2 minutes is about average for the confessions in our parish. It’s plenty of time to greet the priest, say your sins, and receive absolution. When the lines are long the priest will often ask you to say the act of contrition in the pew along with your penance.


My confessor speaks like just a few words. I immediately noticed a difference the first time because other confessors usually gave their own advice, but he always tried to just point me to remember that Our Lord is merciful.

I was wondering if maybe there was something wrong, but he actually made me realize and feel that I’m there to confess the sins to Jesus, and not to the priest. He did an amazing job at that. It felt like my sins became invisible instantly. When the priest talked more then necessary, it broke this effect. When he spoke few words I was like “Why did he not say anything?” and then I was like “Oh…”


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