Very few getting married in Britain and Wales

The effects of the sexual revolution linger:

Marriage rates in England and Wales have plunged to their lowest rate since records began almost 150 years ago, according to the latest official figures.

Only a fraction more than two per cent of woman and 2.28 per cent of men over the age of 16 chose to get married in 2006.

The number of marriages for the whole year was just 236,980, a fall of four per cent on the previous year and lowest proportion of marriages since they were first recorded in 1862.

It is also the lowest number of marriages since 1895, when 228,204 tied the knot.

I wonder what the STD rates are like. :eek:

STD rates?? Why would they be different. Apparently in UK, people are better off financially if they aren’t married and marraige is costing a small fortune. A majority of the kidsz I teach do come from homes with a mum and dad in a stable relationship but they are mostly unmarried. Most of the people in my street live with one partner but they are unmarried. As long as they are only having one partner, the STD rate should not be much different from that of married folks.
BTW, I am one of the married ones and it irks me that unmarried people receive far more financial help and less taxing than married folk. If i were to apply for benefits if I became unable to work, I would be turned down due to DH earnings yet if I was unmarried, I would be able to gain help when needed. Who are the fools?

Divorce is probably down too…because or could it be they are seeing a major increase in cohabitation. I would guess most definitely. More reason to pray for the protection of marriage and for children, who suffer as a result of this horrible social change.:frowning:

We made the same mistake here, too. Government policies aimed at “helping the poor” penalized marriage so much that in some sectors of our society out-of-wedlock births are the norm.

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