Very Funny YouTube videos

Here are some very funny YouTube videos that my brothers showed me:

PLEASE post your favorite funny YouTube videos so we can all have some more laughs.

Everyone all over the world has them! –

Chicago - Trailer


St. Petersburg






Somehow, this all gives me hope for World Peace! :thumbsup: :rolleyes:

Cat videos:

And the Ugly Baby Prank:

Some of them were funny (Helsinki), others I couldnt follow. Too bad there werent more American ones.

That satanic cat was crazy (but cool)! The third clip was the best.

And the Ugly Baby Prank:

That was hilarious.

Not funny, dad!

Just be careful with YouTube. There are many times when I am showing a video to my kids or watching one myself and a pornographic image advertising another video appears at the end. Very disturbing.

Yeah. That’s why I don’t go to YouTube unless I’m looking up something specific. Even then… my sensibilities are often-times scandalized by just what you describe.

By the way, Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet.

However, it is true that once hyper-text language was created to address the need of communications between groups of scientists, the possibility of such a thing as a world wide web in its infancy for scientific conversations – its 2nd step was putting up pornographic material – which fed the fury of what became known as the World Wide Web (www).

In the meantime… my very favorite video on YouTube is this –

– and no, there are NO nasty pop up videos on that page!

“It’s Called CHRIST-mas with a Capital “C”!” - by the Go Fish guys :thumbsup: :smiley: :slight_smile:

This “Dance Party Friday” video is funny:

What a KICK!! :yup: :extrahappy: :dancing:

I didn’t even know those dance steps had names! :o :smiley:

If you like Gerard Butler :smiley: , you’ll love the whole clip, but the first 50 seconds are hysterical!

It took a while, but eventually (after 45 sec) I just had to laugh.

AHH! Dont get me started on that political correctness garbage. I havnt shopped at Target for the last 3 years because they were proud that they removed the term Christmas from their advertising.

I cant believe the boss allowed that but it was a good laugh.

I thought the last half was more funny than the first. “Why does Michael Jackson love twenty-nine year olds…”

My brother just told me of another one, it is pretty funny (and I think actually very true/accurate!)

In my humble opinion, I don’t think that one is very funny, at all. No need to denigrate another’s religion. :eek: :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

There are folks who truly believe and follow Mormonism. You will not help people to listen to or understand true Christianity by dissing them…even as a joke.

thanks for listening.

still wiping tears from eyes… ohh… :rotfl: :clapping:

Let me start out this these…

Japanese Pranks in Huge Group

THE ORIGINAL Scary ‘Mary Poppins’ Recut Trailer

I should have a few more, I think, but I’ll have to get them later. :slight_smile:

Is it me or are he Finns disturbingly . . . Nordic?

Instead of city complaints choirs, how about professions, political parties, softball leagues . . . parishes?

The Scary Mary Poppins was well done, here’s some more

She’s All Brat, Exorcist as a teen comedy
Lion King recut as horror
The Evil Pinocchio

I like these because I could probably do one. In fact here’s my attempt from footage of my brother’s camping trip with family and kids. SteveVaz filmed it, PhilVaz re-edited with sound. Nicely done. :confused:

Attack of the Myakkans

An Occurrence at Myakka State Park

Haven’t uploaded to YouTube yet, be my guest. :eek:

Phil P

:eek: All right, all right if that’s not enough I got another one for you:

Quicksand by Vaz Productions

Just the intro for now… :eek:

Phil P

hands down the best baby video ever…


above video has Views: 14,562,034 :eek: :eek:

I don’t get it. :whacky: Is this one of those “inside” YouTube jokes?

Phil P

I don’t know, all I get is “Rick Roll” not a funny baby video.

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