'Very high' chance of terror attack on Rome, Italian official fears [CC]


The possibility of a terrorist attack in Italy is “very high,” warns one of the country’s top civic officials.



That statement pretty much could be applied to almo st anywhere in the western world unfortunately.


Sadly, I think it is only a matter of when, not if, there is a terrorist attack on the Vatican. There was an ISIS cell that was busted by Italian authorities last year that was plotting a terrorist attack on the Vatican and the Israeli embassy. The U.S. government issued a warning about a possible terrorist attack on the Vatican not long before that. Vatican City is a high profile target for terrorists so security there needs to be on alert.


also in England I recently read…


The current warning status is severe in almost every western country. It gets raised to critical when a specific threat is detected as in Belgium last year. Extremists try to exploit weaknesses in Intelligence. Fortunately the Italian (and UK) intelligence service have a good reputation which means that Italy has fortunately been spared a mass attack, as has the UK for nearly 12 years.


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