Very Inspirational You Tube Clip!

This is so amazing and so needed in the modern world. SAVE Christmas!!

This is beautiful, Murphs.

Bumping it to the top!

If I didn’t sound like a wounded animal when I sing, I would really enjoy taking part in something like that.

Just saw this on another thread in this forum-I loved it!

Singing the praises of God in the midst of Mammon! :thumbsup:

A ‘nice way’ of ‘thumbing the nose’ at the PC crowd!

:rotfl: That’s pretty much how I feel about my own singing, too. :blush:

One of the nice things about singing in Church is that I am drowned out by all the other voices … and I feel sure that God listens to my heart, not to my “can’t-carry-a-tune-in-a-bucket” voice :o

Thanks again for sharing this clip! :heaven:

Thank you! It would be wonderful if choruses around the country did this.

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