Very interesting article

Another “scare” article. I am not surprised it is from Slate Magazine. I
can assure you in 2020 if President Trump loses, he won’t be working behind
the scenes to sabotage the administration of the next President like Obama
and his buddies did to President Trump.


The new president could have him evicted.

Really just speculation, but nothing would surprise me anymore. It is possible he would leave peacefully, if not quietly. It’s also possible a different scenario would play out.

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I’ve heard this kind of nonsense about Obama, about W. Bush, about Clinton over the years.
Trump is no more likely to not transfer power than any of the others I mentioned.


I hope you are right. Historically most have been done with grace and class.

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But, no one tweeted this:

Or said this at a rally:

“Under the normal rules, I’ll be out by 2024, so we may have to go for an extra term."



I said “most”.

There is zero reason to believe it won’t happen that way the next time.

Oh, a campaign poster! Do you honestly believe he thinks he can run for a third time in 2024? Or do you think maybe he is pulling the chains of progressives with TDS?
I think the latter. Either way, the poster is not a threat seizing dictatorial rule.
But for those who are really worried, vigorous support of the second amendment is critical.

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I think he should stop tweeting ridiculous things.


I do, too. He’s actually doing a pretty good job as president. Sometimes he steps on his own success with them.

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In recent days, Trump had touted America’s hosting duties of the World Cup in 2026 and most notably at his Monday rally in North Carolina, he joked that he would “may have to go for an extra term” in order to remain president by then.

“Oh, they’re going crazy. They’re going crazy," Trump told the crowd as he referenced the media. "Tomorrow, you’re going to see headlines, ‘Trump wants an extra term.

No it isnt “interesting” it is ignorant of the facts., Obama made the same type of joke and the same thing was said about him and other presidents. Trump will leave the office IF he loses the 2020 election (he wont) and at the end of his second term he will leave the office without the long goodbye the obama took getting out of DC.

That being said I am in favor of a term limit for Representatives, Senators, and Presidents, 4 years for a rep, 6 for a senator and 8 for a President. One term and one term only.


Trump will win a second term easily

Okay, I’ll bite, since it’s Saturday morning and I’m just sitting here drinking coffee and eating a bagel.

What special knowledge do you have that indicates that the President, with a mid thirties approval rating, is going to win in 2020? I do data analysis and a little data science and I’d love to know the sources and techniques you are using.

As long as he doesn’t try pull a bill/Hillary,
and steal the furniture then sabotage the office equipment


Because if you look at their polling methods you can see they are cooking the books. Trump will win the 2020 election because the economy will be great.

But if Trump loses I am sending the next day to all my renters their next lease will see an increase of 20% to 30% increase in rent.

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It’s not rocket science.The populace reaping the benefits of a booming economy stady employments to name a few .Polls can be tweaked to achieve the results the pollsters desire.

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