Very serious literal redefinition of the meaning of “Woman”


The British parliament is on October 11th 2018 going to consider changing the law so anybody could decide to legally change their gender. At the moment if a man wants to fulfill what is called a “legal fiction” whereby they change all of their legal document so that it says that he is a woman he has to have lived as a woman for at least two years and I believe have the support in writing from at least two doctors.

What is being considered is “self-ID” which means a man would not need to be taking hormones or have changed himself physically in any way whatsoever, in other words could be living and acting as a man in the world and would not need the support of any medical professionals but would be able to declare that he is woman and legally be declared so. (This obviously would be the same for a woman who wanted to be a man, but for some reason there are a great deal more men who want to “identify” as being women.)

If this happens it obviously destroys the legal and social definition of what a woman is, the definition is no longer linked to born sex and biology.

This may sound ridiculous and impossible but unfortunately it is very much a very threatening reality.

In fact the transgender ideology has advanced so quickly in the last few years that now trans woman are declaring “transwomen are women” and if you deny it you are shouted down as “transphobic”.

This is happening because people are conflating “gender” and “sex” as categories and saying they are the same. Sex is obviously the biological category to which we belong from conception onwards, I am a woman because of my XX chromosomes which run through all my DNA. Even I was to take male hormones and even have surgery to change my physical appearance to be as male as possible I could never change my sex as that is impossible. Gender is all the traditional ways men and women have behaved in the roles that have grown up around the differences in our biological sex. So people may believe they can change “gender” and be a woman for example be dressing up as and assuming behaviors that have traditionally been associated with a woman in a given society. Clothes, appearance, behaviours and traditions of course still do not change your biological sex.

Well gender theorists are of the opinion that rather than sex being the innate immutable category gender is. So you can “feel” your “gender” and need to the fulfil your understanding of your gender, that’s when you end up with countless categories of “gender” as people try and define and express themselves in terms of “gender” (transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, Demi-boy, Demi-girl etc, ad naseum).

So in other words they divorce gender from biology and gender just becomes a belief in how you define yourself, in fact it is not unlike a “soul” in terms of a live, active, always been present part of yourself.

I am sure you can see this is completely incompatible with Catholic teaching and incompatible with reality and biological fact! The scary part is that this directly threatens women and children. Once a biological man (with all his genitalia intact) can define himself as a woman he has every legal right to enter all “women only” spaces!


I wouldn’t say that it violates Catholic teaching, as much as it simply contradicts reality. The Church, of course, does not teach nonsense, and this is just total nonsense. Cross dressing does not change a man into a woman. Hormone injections and bodily mutilation do not change a man into a woman, or a woman into a man. A man may call himself a woman but every cell of his body contains the DNA of a man. Biology doesn’t lie.


Absolutely agree Jim regarding biology. It also denies church teaching because we are created in the image and likeness of God and are “embodied”, we are one whole. There is a not a part that is our “gender” that is separate from the rest of our body. In Catholic theology our mind and body are one, it is not Catholic teaching to treat the body as a receptacle for our mind. That is the kind of dangerous theology that makes the body “bad and evil” while the mind can be pure. The split of body and mind gets us into these kind of dangerous waters philosophically.


Well I think you have laid it all out very succinctly. I hope the Parliament votes this measure down.

It blows my mind how willing people are to just go along with such anarchy from reality. I’ve noticed that if you oppose such measures you are routinely told “why do you care”, “it doesn’t concern you”, etc etc and generally treated as if YOU are the one suggesting something insane by opposing these laws and redefinitions and suggesting that men and women are products of biology, not social constructs.

I feel like I am taking crazy pills more and more these days.


Already in the past few weeks Angelos Sofocleous, a philosophy student at Durham University in England was sacked from his position as assistant editor of “Critique” the university’s philosophy journal after he retweeted a comment that “women don’t have penises”, this was considered “transphobic”.

A billboard was crowdfunded by women and was up in Liverpool, England so it could be clearly seen by delegates at the Labour Party conference there this week. All it said, literally in black and white was the dictionary definition of a woman : “Woman, noun, adult human female”. It was removed yesterday by the billboard company after pressure from trans activists as “transphobic” and hate speech.

This idiocy is happening right now in the 21st century. Complete denial of biology and reality.


I actually got the dates wrong, there is currently a public consultation underway and anyone can complete a set of questions and give their opinion online. I would encourage everyone to do so. The public consultation ends on October 19th explains the issues and has the links for you to respond online. FairPlay for Women is not linked to any political party (as scarily ALL the mainline British parties are supporting this change in the law).


Their spokeswoman Dr Nicola Williams is a research scientist specializing in human biology.


Excuse me for quoting but one of the desert fathers Anthony the great said
“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, ‘You are mad, you are not like us’.”


Sadly true, but now directly affecting and endangering the safety of women and children if any biological man can declare himself a woman.


Prior to the 1960s or so gender was a grammatical classification. For example, “Table” is feminine, “tablet” is masculine. Neither of these words or the objects to which they refer have a sex. But around the 1960s the word “sex” started to get used for “sexual intercourse.” People moved away from using the word “sex” to talk about someone’s biological classification and started using “gender” instead. Some in the trans community use this to argue for a precedent that gender is separate from sex.

One of the earlier formal writings about gender was about a boy that was born and his penis got messed up. Dont know if he was born that way or if it were an accident. In any case his parents had sexual assignment surgery done and raised him as a girl. This was in the 1970s. There was a doctor that kept track of his upbringing. In talking about biological aspects he used the word “sex.” The person was genetically of the male sex. The genitals were of the female sex. The way his parents and society engage this child was as a female. So the child was referred to as being of the female gender; this was considered a separate attribute from the chikd’s sexual classification. I believe this doctor’s use of the terms to also have influenced how the trans community uses the terms. Brw. ater in life this child found out what happened and went to identifying as a male.


Yes Thinking the meaning of gender has changed and taken to mean different things in a relatively short space of time. Some people theorize that confusion also happened because English speakers were coy in using the word “sex” when differentiating between men and women preferring to use “gender” instead which therefore lead to the confusion between sex and gender. They once were interchangeable but if gender can float around and mean lots of different things to different people it is clearly different from “sex”which is referring to biological reality.


How does it affect me if Joe next door wants to identify as a woman, a kangaroo, or an alien from the planet Foobadar? If Joe is not my immediate family member and I am not dating Joe, I can’t say as I care.


That’s how most people feel, “live and let live”and treat others with Christian charity. In this case trans ideology is affecting others directly by potentially changing the law to say that the legal category “woman” no longer means a biologically born female human.


Well, if Joe is in college and claims to be a woman, he can join the womans swim team. His biology gives him a big advantage over other competitors.

For that matter, a college could have an entire womens swim team composed of men who claim to be women, giving them a competitive advantage. Of course they would all use the women’s locker room.

Edit: I have actually heard of a situation where a biological woman on a college swim team decided that she was a man. She had a double mastectomy and joined the men’s swim team. Where she had been number one or two on the woman’s team, she was near the bottom on the men’s team. An interviewer asked her or him whether she was going to have a hysterectomy. She said no, because she/he might someday want to bear a child.


Ask the bakers and florists who have lost their livelihood because they don’t accept the fiction of homosexual marriage, or the teachers and senior care providers who are threatened with loss of their jobs if they don’t keep up with someone’s “personal pronouns.”


Or on another level the girls and women forced to compete athletically against men who have “transitioned” to being women, or other women who are taking testosterone to transition to being men. This is happening with more and more frequency. I believe last year in Connecticut a boy competing as a girl set a new high school women’s record by a significant margin in a track or cross country event and won the State title, basically robbing the actual girls of their achievement. I guess you could say it’s a lesson in “life’s not fair”, but still. Same with a girl taking testosterone to become a boy while competing in wrestling against other girls in Texas, and not surprisingly thrashing them. And the upcoming Commonwealth Games will feature (I think for the first time) a New Zealand man competing as a woman in Olympic weightlifting. I am sure he will do poorly…


Clip from British TV


As a real woman with a daughter this really scares me. Women need to be able to discuss the unique issues that affect us, advocate when necessary and to do that we need a language to be able to accurately describe ourselves. If men can now be women this sets us real women back big time.


What unities women is not the clothes we wear, what religion we follow, what job we have, which political party we support, what we feel and what we think, the only thing that all women have in common is our BIOLOGY. Once women are denied our ability to define ourselves by our biology it is indeed very frightening because we disappear in law as a unique clas of persons. Some of the most extreme trans activists are aggressively denying women the right to even talk about our biology, discussing having a uterus, periods and hormone issues are all considered “transphobic”by that crowd.


There was a trans-woman (person born male identifying as woman) named Mack Beggs that won the women’s wrestling title in Texas 2 years in a row.

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