Very sweet and smiley’ fake Jew infiltrates orthodox community


WARSAW, Poland — A Jewish leader in Poland said Thursday that her community was deceived by a Polish Catholic man who pretended to be an Orthodox Jew, wearing a beard and payots — curly sideburns in front of the ears — and leading prayers in Hebrew.

Alicja Kobus, leader of Poznan’s Jewish community, said that the impostor was unmasked recently when people in his hometown saw him on television taking part in ecumenical observances with Catholic and Muslim religious leaders. They then informed local journalists about the hoax.

My husband told me about reading this story a day or so ago. I wonder what his motives were to present himself as someone he wasn’t. Very peculiar.


From the story, the Polish guy really knew his stuff.

I’m reminded of the movie “Catch Me If You Can” where the guy was driven by the challenge and not to swindle people per se.


Huh. Weird.


Well, if he walks the walk and talks the talk of Orthodoxy Jewry, who’s really to say that he is not what he claims to be? Christians started out in synagogues after all, and some even were called by the title of rabbi.


It is very uncomfortable these days to learn that someone dressed in a manner that fit a certain profile is discovered to be posing. Just like all the ridiculous demands of the sexual agenda and the use of bathrooms, same sex marriage, laws for cakes, etc.

Closer scrutiny when encountering the disguised including burkas and face scarves has to practiced. Killers have posed as police, firemen, doctors, nurses, military - you name it.

Like it or not, we need to be more careful of those around us. Or we will be the story on the news. :eek:


I remember a number of years ago a serial killer would dress like a friendly police officer to lure children.

I’ve told my kids that if they ever got lost to look for a mother with children to ask for help…

This pretend Rabbi though, was just very odd.


It was pretend policemen that stopped a classmate of my brother’s from high school…she was 18… candi was never seen alive again.

Was this man actually Catholic or was he a messianic Jew…evangelical that keep Jewish customs…

It’s scary that thls could happen to a Jewish community (fake rabbi) … it could happen anywhere…


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