Very, very annoyed

Me and my husband decided to go for a movie date yesterday after mass (might as well take the time before the baby arrives). There was not much showing so we went to an R rated movie (profane language, drug use, a little nudity), sure we were having a good laugh, it as all for entertainment and spending time with each other.

Something just really annoys me though…a couple brings in their I think 1 year old son in an R rated movie, and then next thing I know on the way out of the theater I saw a 6-7 year old kid walking in front of me. Like seriously!! How can parents be like this!? I started to think that no wonder theres an increase in teen pregnancies and juvenile crime because they get exposed to these things with parents thinking that they will forget!
I was really planning to talk to the manager about it that they should be stricter on who goes inside an R rated movie, but my husband held me back saying that its the parents’ responsibility. Am I over reacting?

No, this is not an overreaction.

Think about it: we live in a society where apparently what you describe is okay, but I wonder how long it’s going be before social services gets involved if parents teach their kids that so-called gay “marriage” and/or free contraception is wrong.

Talking to the manager wouldn’t do any good; the MPAA sets the ratings and the theater won’t want to upset their customers. :shrug:

these things with parents thinking that they will forget!


When I was around 11 our babysitter thought it would be fine to watch Total Recall. I haven’t forgotten what Arnold would look like if he supposedly suffocated on Mars.

I was not born and raised in this country so I guess that was so wrong for me. I grew up in a country where there are attendants on each movie theater taking tickets, security going in the theaters. They check IDs before even buying an R rated movie ticket (if you look like a minor) and if they saw that that they are bringing a kid in there they will not allow them to enter.

I am just appalled on those parents…wow parent of the year award for putting the kids on the right path :shrug:

Oh, I see.

Well, I want to say this kind of behavior is not uncommon in the USA. I mean, a lot of parents really just don’t think.

For some kids, they probably shouldn’t even be exposed to PG material, much less something rated R.

I think too it does affect them, and magically having Mom and Dad there doesn’t change much.

While your frustration at such parents is justified, the manager can only require adult supervision for minors at Rated-R films. The parents alone are responsible for what their children watch.

Right. An R rating simply means no unaccompanied minors are permitted. Only the NC-17 rating would keep children out altogether.

I am amazed by what some parents choose to do, too. My daughter is 7 and I don’t think she’s seen anything rated above a G.

I quit trying to figure out what’s wrong with people’s heads in this regard years ago. My wife and I saw the first two American Pie movies at the theater (not something we’d watch now, by the way). There were a few kids at the first one but close to two dozen at the second one. Those are in no way movies kids or teens should see. A year or two later we went to see another somewhat similar movie (I can’t recall the name of it). Whatever the title was, it wasn’t something that, just by the title, would lead someone to think it was grossly inappropriate. However, the ads had made it clear that it wasn’t a kid’s movie. The theater was nearly empty but there was a couple with their son who was 12 or so. They sat right in front of us. Remembering how uncomfortable it was seeing kids at the American Pie movies, and since there were only a handful of other people in there, I leaned forward and told the parents that it probably wasn’t a good movie for their son. They asked me if I thought they were idiots and told me that they could make their own decisions on what was appropriate. There was a bit more to the conversation, but I got the distinct impression that it was the dad’s idea to go see the movie and that it wasn’t the sort of material his wife would let him watch at home. I decided to sit back and mind my own business. The movie opened with a lengthy and extremely graphic & sophomoric discussion about a variety of sex acts. The mother was clearly bothered but the dad insisted the whole movie wasn’t like that. A few minutes later there was a very graphic sex scene. Again, the father insisted they stay. Another sex scene followed a few minutes later and was even worse than the first. The mom finally grabbed the son and walked out. The dad, for his part, turned and said, “Thanks a lot!” and called me an obscene name. I won’t say that I haven’t voiced my objections to people showing their kids inappropriate stuff since then, but I usually restrict it to family and friends and know in advance that it’s probably not going to do any good.

Peace and All Good!!

You’re certainly not overreacting, there are some things that children shouldn’t be exposed too & the ratings are there (supposedly) to help protect children though clearly it doesn’t always work because things like this scenario are happening. I agree, It’s shocking that parents can do this and then turn around & be flabbergasted at some of the behaviours that manifest later. Some people just don’t think ahead about the seeds planted in young minds & what they will eventually blossom into. Especially with young kids, having minds like sponges can work both ways, for good or bad

God Bless

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Pray for those people to receive Grace, to receive the Gospel. It is definitely a sign of the times.

Really, when you let go of God, all is licit.

Pray. Pray. Pray. :slight_smile:

I was just really biting my tongue the entire time. but I feel bad for these kids, they deserve better. I mean as an adult when you watch these things, you just watch it out of entertainment and afterwards its nothing. But these kids they act out what they see, I do not know if they realize that or not. Couple more years down the road you see these kids on Maury or Jerry Spinger yelling that they want a baby at 13 or waiting to see DNA results on who’s their baby’s daddy at 18 or 19 then hearing the young men saying its not mine.
I am sorry I am just really flabbergasted and annoyed, I do not know if these parents are aware about how much an impact today’s society is to the kids and how we should be more vigilant.

Side note: I am pregnant with our first, could be the hormones acting up. But I guess its the maternal instincts kicking in wanting to protect the children

I don’t think it is over-reacting. Of course others may argue that the parents in question could not get a babysitter. I don’t buy that one. If my parents could not get a sitter they stayed home.

There was only one time that my father Accidentally selected a movie we were too young to be watching. It started out with a nude woman and the next thing I new I heard my mother, in her “very annoyed” tone ask my father what the heck he was thinking. At the same time my father was trying to shield my brother’s eyes and telling us girls to put our faces down. He rather meekly replied to my mother that he had no idea the movie was going to include this type of scenes.

He was embarrassed, we were embarrassed and my mother was furious. We did get to stay, but later it was explained to us that dad had made a huge mistake and he was sorry. We were just old enough to handle this and learn from it. I always figured it was a good sign that we were embarrassed in the first place. Modesty or a good sense of it was taking root in us so we had the capacity to be shocked and embarrassed.

People do need to be careful, and little tots don’t need to be drug to exceptionally violent and sexy movies as far as I am concerned. As far as our experience none of us even tried to see a “R” rated movie until we were old enough to be allowed to go to one. And most of the time we had no interest in them.

I went to Mass last night celbrated by the Archbishop. In his Homily, he briefly spoke about being smart vs. being wise.

He said, being smart is knowing lots of facts, while being wise is the ablity to understand the relationships between facts in a way that allows us to think more like God.

One of the problems in today’s society is that people are becoming smarter, but gaining less wisdom. We are becoming a society filled with “Jacks of all trades, masters of none.”

May The Lord grant us wisdom and understanding.

When I was 12 my aunt took me to the movies. We saw “fatal attraction.” To this day, I wonder if a bunny will be in a pot in a kitchen…

When it comes to parenting, unless a child is in physical danger, I always vote MYOB.

I saw my first R-rated movie at about 7. It was ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ and my mom allowed/asked me to watch it with her for a reason. In her first two marriages, she was beaten and worse by her husbands. Then when I was 7 or 8 a close family friend had to move in with us for awhile because her husband put her in the hospital. My mom had several long, difficult discussions with me about what was happening and why. Watching that movie together is an experience that I will never forget, but I really think that it helped my mom put this sort of thing into perspective for me. Lots of long discussions followed, and it was the beginning of a lifetime of hearing “If a man ever hits you, even just once…” It was a real fear for her, and she was doing whatever she could think of to try to help me understand the current situation, and to avoid ending up in it myself as an adult.

Yeah, you could probably make an argument against this, but to borrow a term from those Catholics, it’s really a matter of prudential judgement. :wink: It would have been rude and inappropriate for someone to insert themselves into that and try to tell my mom how to parent, because as outsiders, they couldn’t even begin to know the situation or the context. The same applies here.

My mom was overall very strict about what I watched-but she was the type to judge every movie on their own merits. There were ‘R’ movies that I was allowed to watch in the single digits, and PG-13 movies that I wasn’t allowed to see while I lived with her, it really depended on the content and the issues involved. My brother and his wife take a different approach with their parenting though. They have almost no restrictions on what their kids watch, and even when their kids were young they didn’t have limits or rules in place. So far, all of their kids are well-behaved, kind-hearted people who get very good grades. Different strokes.

I saw Love Actually. It isn’t appropriate for children (nudity and mature themes)Lo and behold in front of us arrives a family with a 5 year old.


Perhaps the parents didn’t know beforehand, but they could have leftwhen they realized it wasn’t for kids.

12 year old boy seeing Fatal Attraction. With an aunt? I can’t imagine how mortifying.:blush:

Yup! LOL I still feel weird when I see Glenn Close. :smiley:

To some extent, I think the movie studios expect children to be watching some of these movies. If you look at the Police Academy movies, they were all mostly rated R and yet I can recall a full line of kids toys (advertised during kids shows). Same with Robo Cop. I’m sure there were others. Those are the two I remember because my cousins had lots of those toys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it depends on the relationship between you and the other couple if you should open a conversation about parenting. If a stranger came up to me, for example, and tried telling that I shouldn’t be taking my children to Mass because I should know about the child abuse scandals, I’d probably be offended and not really open to talking about it. However, if it’s a friend, then at least I can see how they could be trying to help a friend, even if they’re misguided.

Same way with any advice really - it feels nosey unless there’s a reason for the other person to care. Just my view.

If a film is unsuitable for children there is a good chance it is intrinsically immoral and unsuitable entertainment for Catholics of any age. Paying to see these films is material co-operation in evil.

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