Very, very awkward question


Alright, so I had a dream a couple of nights ago.

I used to have trouble with masturbating, but I stopped.
However, in my dream I committed it.

This might sound silly, but I feel slightly guilty.
I know that if I steal something in a dream, and the object is not present wiht me, then it’s not a sin.
But with masturbating I feel that it could have been done physically in real life too, just without my full consent.

This topic is very, very awkward, but I would like your thoughts.

Am I guilty?


i used to wonder the same. You don’t have full conciousness in a dream, even if you’re in a dream and know you’re in a dream.

The answer by the apologist Michelle Arnold here pretty much covers it:


No, that is the devil at work trying to lure you back in. He wants you to feel guilty and give up and come back to him. Don’t do it. Pray extra hard so that your dreams don’t turn back into reality.

You nailed it when you said you didn’t give it full consent since you were asleep. No consent means no mortal sin and it’s shaky that it would even be considered venial.


Sometimes I dream about sexual adventures with women of my past, and even my present. When I wake up, I feel horrible. But they are just dreams, and while they may be from the adversary, they are also God’s way of letting you know your faults. It is the flesh waging war on the spirit. What you need to do is to pray that the Holy Spirit will free up your mind from lust, a beautiful poison that will kill your soul. It’s no different than Eve looking at the forbidden fruit and seeing that it was pleasing to the eye…


No you’re not guilty. I am a recovering alcoholic and sometimes I have a drinking dream and it is so real. When I wake up I have to think a few minutes to realize that I did not drink…but I feel so guilty as if I did. Don’t take your dreams to heart…there just dreams…just your mind’s way of releasing the pressures of the day. I find it hard to control my dreams or to control my actions in my dreams…


My dear friend

You must give full consent to an actual sin. You cannot give full consent when asleep or even half awake if something happens before you come to your senses. No sin in this case.

God bless you friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I know this thread is kind of old, but it happened again.

It felt so real. I felt myself give consent in a dream. Sorry to give too much information but since it was masturbation I felt a pain in my hand right after.

I “woke up” right after.
To be honest I’m not sure how it should feel.
Can you “decide” things in your dreams?

Sorry if I’m just going in circles but it’s bothering me.


even if you feel you’re able to make choices in a dream, you actually can’t. Sometimes people dream about doing things they wouldn’t ever consent to doing in real life, yet their “dream self” (from lack of a better word…) consents to it.

I asked my priest once, “can a person sin in their dream…” and he said, definitely not.

:hug1: God bless


Even if you were to have dreamed of masturbating in a room full of naked and woke up to find that you had ejaculated, even then, no, you would not be culpable as if you were fully conscious.


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