very very depressed

I’m an ex pat living in mexico with my husband and four kids I was recently in the states but came home in June well since I’ve gotten home I’ve been depressed ibshouldnt be my husband works now finally my kids are healthy and I have a comfortable home. But now that I found out my daughter has a personality disorder and cant attend public school that homeschooling is my only option and thebextreme stress of day to day life constantly washing clothes kids screaming and arguing mybsister in law who lives in the bottom of our duplex style house shunning me ive gotten lonely and depressed I find it hard to get out of bed my body aches constantly I’ve lost 20 lbs I’m only 26 but I feel like I’m 60 all I do is cook clean break up fights cry and worry I know I should be thankful but I only find emptiness and dark clouds anytime I pray or lay down to sleep any bible verses or advice to help me through this

I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I note your heading of “very very depressed.” Please see a doctor for there may be medical treatment and medication for your depression that can really help you.

That’s the best advice I can give.
God bless,

Hello, I am Theresa, and I know how you feel because I get depressed too. I take medicine for mine because I am bi-polar I am either high and flying around the room in high gear or sleeping the whole day and night away. I like to read the Psalms to get me through the day. Here is a good one Psalm 42:5 (Put your hope in God) in other words give God your troubles and He will take care of them. Ask Him to save a soul in my misery dear Lord so they can go to heaven… Psalm 91 Psalm 14/7-3 psalm 18 And Joshua 1:5-9. May God be with You and keep you in His loving care.

I will pray for you. You should post a prayer intention, I think, so lots of people will pray for you.

Depresed? I am also often depresed. And here is a nice thought: If you live as God comands it’s all going to end. Look at your sufferings as the past. New dawn is coming and God will be our judge and that momment will be state that will never and and God will not judge us based upon how much pleasure we had (in fact, sufferings will even be our heavenly “lawyers”), but what acts we did. If you are in a state if mortal sin go to confession. It will, besides spiritual, also have psyhological effect. God bless you!

poor girl im so sorry you are down and no wonder you dont get a moment to yourself…is there any way someone can take over your job and give you at least one hour a day to collect your thoughts ?? i have begun saying the rosary in my head…sometimes i say it on and off all day and then amazing things happen right out of the blue… Mary is a mother she will help you. ask her. i will ask her to help you too. say the Hail Mary and she will come I have no doubt. medication is sometimes necessary as in the case of Theresa who is bi polar (God bless you my boyfriend was bi polar) but anti depressants can numb your mind and heart…first try Mary and ask her for a friend. your in law being mean and shunning you is a terrible experience for you. i had that experience with my daughter in law it hurts so bad. it lasted two years and every time i was angry hurt upset i prayed for her i pushed through and one day she came back…lots o love little one you have a ginormous job you need a break wish i could help least one day they will all grow up and give you some peace sister…lots and lots of love i pray a friend will come and help you i pray Mary will come and help you in her robes of blue shining like the stars

Praying to St. Dymphna for your health & recovery. Praying for your intentions.

I recommend that you read *Devotion to the Sacred Heart *by Fr. John Croiset, S.J… It should help you a great deal. I am very sorry that you are feeling so depressed. I commend you to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Please pray your rosary faithfully on a daily basis and recommend yourself to Blessed Mary. God bless you.

I suggest you seek a spiritual director, psychologist and priest to help and guide you. Do not give up. When I was laid off from my job, I was extremely depressed. When I got into my new job, my depression continually haunted me.I wanted to die. I didn’t go to any psychologist/psychiatrist. Although I think medications would have helped me.Anyhow, I have my spiritual director and my community. I continued to live despite having no reason to live (that was really difficult). I prayed twice as hard as before (during the morning the Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer. During my free time the Divine Mercy prayer. In the evening, I would say a Rosary…To protect my soul, I would imagine the presence of the Divine to help me do what I should not do.I begged for the intercession of the Saints…It was really very difficult. Everyday I have to surrender my complaints, my anxieties, my worries and my obsession with my depression to God (because at that time, I felt I was hopeless) .Another means by which the Divine saved me was that I was continually kept busy so I have no time for too much reflection and analysis…

Right now, I’m perfectly fine and moving on.Depression can be cured through medications, the grace of God and effort to change your attitude towards challenges. Cultivate an attitude of prayer. Pray for your family…It will be fine.

I will never take medication something that effects your mind is off limits to me also doctors dont hand out meds like candy my psycologist hasnt mentioned it in mexico only people in mental institutes are given meds
My husband has been trying to take me places to cheer me up but he and his sisters petty arguing and then waking up having to clean her dogs mess in our shared patio is enough to kill any cheering up efforts i really hate it but i might sell our part of the duplex style house we live in and built with my own hands and move away from her shes a miserable jealous person who takes advantage of my kindness and mocks me
I hate that im here and that i sunk so much money into the top apartment i built on his dads home and i wont get the money from a sell that i put in but his girl is seriously bringing me down

Ive started a novema to our lady undoer of knots so i hope it helps thank everyone for thier advice

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