Vespers this evening


I suppose there is no vespers for the Nativity of Our Lady this year as Sunday will take precedence over the feast this evening?


According to my St. Joseph guide, you are correct.



Yes, that’s right. Sunday First Vespers always trumps feasts.


Too bad. It also means fewer chances to get to Mass as any Masses celebrated this evening will be for Sunday as well…


That is correct, Sunday 1st Vespers takes precedence over feasts except for feasts of our Lord that fall on a Sunday, which have their own 1st Vespers.


Doesn’t it feel like we’re getting short changed with Our Lady’s birthday? Its a feast, not a solemnity, so there was no first vespers last night and we don’t get vespers tonight… I feel like it should be a solemnity. Its a very ancient feast, the other two liturgical nativities are both solemnities, and its ranked as one of the 12 “great feasts” in the Eastern tradition. I suppose one could say that the Immaculate Conception is given greater emphasis in the West, but why not celebrate both as solemnities?
Idle speculation I know…but I feel like I was short changed this year ;).


Yep Divine Liturgy tonight for me.


We might feel shortchanged but I am sure Our Lady is fine with it. Her goal is always to lead us to her Son which is exactly what is happening


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