Vessels of grace


I’m pondering upon the various devotionals, which God makes use of as vessels of His grace. I believe that statues, too, are vessels of His graces, such as when we see them weap or move or act in accordance to His Will. The same goes with the incorruptible bodies, I believe, and I would dare say, crucifixes and medals and icons and other holy reminders. I believe, too, that Mary is an unique Vessel of grace, being the Source of life and happiness - that is, the Mother of Jesus Christ, who is our life and our happiness - and that we are called to imitate her since she most imitates Jesus, in whose image and likeness God has created us. And in that sense, we ourselves are vessels of grace, and so, being naturally vessels of grace, we ought to act human, that is, live in the Lord and bring Him to others by our words, deeds, and prayers, just as Mary lived in He who lived in her womb and brought Him to Elizabeth hastly, eager to share the gospel with her relative.


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