Vestment identification

Last Sunday, when I stepped into a vestment store in Fátima looking for a cassock, I came upo a strange article next to the albs. I forgot to ask the vendor what they were, so perhaps someone here can help me out. The vestments in question were very small. They were V-shaped and seemed to be something you would hanging around your shoulders (they were closed, so the V draped over your shoulders in front and in back). They were also available in all liturgical colors. What I’m wondering is if this is some sort of alternative for the anti-chausible folks. anyone know what these things are (called)?

Could it have been a cope or a humeral veil?

Nope, none of those. I’m well familiar with traditional vestments. This was something I’d never seen before. It’s just a very slim piece of fabric with the lirgical color which. If this goes over the alb, all you see vested is an alb with a small colored V in the fron and the back.

Actually that sounds like choir robe stoles.

V-stoles, yes that’s about it. They looked like this kind here, only a bit wider.

That one looks like what our boys wore with their graduation gown. Black gown, gold stole.

This is the closest I found on the net. The ones I saw seemed to be a bit broader and thiner, and had the liturgical colors.

It’s like the one that being used by the lector… (cmiiw)

It actually sounds like the collars that Master Masons wear as part of their lodge regalia!

Neither readers nor lectors should wear such adornments in the Catholic Church.

These “scapulars”/“stoles” which are fairly common in the liturgical Protestant groups really have no liturgical place within the Mass.


The following is what I have observed at a certain mid west cathedral this summer. I offer no judgement, opinion, or fashion advice or on the entire mess of EEM’s :o

Very similar to the “V” collars that some choir robes have, I saw this summer at a certain cathedral EEM’s wearing them over their regular clothes. :eek:

I went back to the store Sunday to figure out what they were. Stoles for EMC’s… -_-

And here we are with no vomit smiley.:smiley:

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