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What is the name of the red vestment Saint Josemaria Escriva is wearing?


Looks like a pink alb to me. The vestment that the priest first puts on before anything else…not sure though.


It’s a red cassock. The alb is the white lace you see over it. (no one ever said an alb had to be solid material— just white)


That was my next guess, and I didn’t know that. :smiley: Just seems like a weird color for a cassock:shrug:

It is a very bishop- y color…


St. Josemaria was a monseigneur. That is why he is wearing that color A bishop wears a more red-violet color.


Right. I knew a monsignor who had such a color cassock. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference in colors between a monsignor, a bishop, and a cardinal unless you see them next to each other. The colors are all in the same family. It confuses the less observant of us. :o

EDIT: If you notice, too, the altar cloth and the altar servers all have semi-transparent sections as well. It must have been the motif. :slight_smile:


These connections :D:D…I really didn’t know a lot about him, I was just making an educated guess based on the picture (and the little research)

This is why I come on the form, anyway…to learn more!



Thanks for the help!
I knew it was a cassock but I didn’t know why it was that particular color.


I have to say it looks hideous.


Yeah, with all due respect, I agree…maybe I’ve just spent too long in Franciscan parishes, where simplicity is a virtue, but the photo looks like a bit over the top, like visiting a grandmother’s home who is a crochet enthusiast.


I don’t mind lace at all, I have no ideological predisposition toward hating it, but yes, sometimes it can easily go over the top. I also have no ideological predisposition about the shapes of chasubles or the larger “families” of liturgical aesthetics. Although that doesn’t mean I think everything is fine; no, there is plenty of hideousness out there, both overly-ornate and polyester-poncho decoration-abhorring.

I tend to think balance in liturgical aesthetics is a good thing. An ornate chasuble should be complemented with a simpler (but not necessarily completely plain) alb, and vice versa, in most cases imo.

Note that I speak of what happens in parishes and secular societies. What goes on in monasteries is necessarily different I suppose.


There used to be an expression: “More lace, more grace,” but you don’t hear that so much anymore, although I think some still feel that way.


I prefer these sort of vestments instead of the bland hideous ones worn by many of today’s clergy.


Our pastor has decided to cover the front of the altar completely with a cloth that is the same color (white is on top) as the priest’s vestments. What are the colors used these days? I know of white, green, purple, red and rose. Is there a specific color for Confirmation?


Red is the color for confirmation because it is the color of Masses for the Holy Spirit, but not all confirmation Masses are Masses for the Holy Spirit. So practically speaking there is no particular color.


That’s what I thought, that red is usually the color for Confirmation. However, the color of the cloth was salmon (looked more orange than pink to me). I’ll have to ask the woman who made the cloth what color it was supposed to be.

Thank you.


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