Vestments for Stations

Should the presider at Stations (priest or deacon) vest in a cope as well as a stole? And what if no violet cope is available - would white be acceptable over a violet stole?

I don’t know if there are any directives, most priests I have observed wear an alb, cincture, and stole. As the stations are more devotional prayers than liturgical even a lay person can lead them.

A cope is especially appropriate, but not required. The Stations are a special kind of procession after all, one that stops 14 times, and the cope is a processional vestment.

If violet is not available, I would suggest red as an alternative, since red is the color of the Passion of Christ. White? I don’t think would be appropriate because even though white can usually substitute for any other color, I don’t see it as an appropriate color for the Stations. Personally, I would not wear a white cope for Stations, especially not over a violet stole.

Our Catholic Youth of the Year led the Stations tonight. He wore an alter server alb as did the cross bearer.
Another teen led the Stabat Mater between the Stations, accompanied by a violinist, who dressed in the black dress from her high school orchestra.

Last year at my parish it was led by the laity with no vestments.


At our local OF parish Lay leaders lead the Stations until the last Friday of Lent when we finally get the priest to our church. That is a special Friday as that is when the old Stations are brought out of storage, cleaned up and brought out one at a time as each Station is read. The choir sings a verse of the Stabat Mater at each station. We use the Ligourian version.


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