Veteran '60 Minutes' Newsman Morley Safer Dies at 84


NY Times:

Veteran ‘60 Minutes’ Newsman Morley Safer Dies at 84

NEW YORK — Morley Safer, the veteran “60 Minutes” correspondent who was equally at home reporting on social injustices, the Orient Express and abstract art, and who exposed a military atrocity in Vietnam that played an early role in changing Americans’ view of the war, died Thursday, according to Kevin Tedesco, a CBS News publicist.No further details on his death were immediately available.
Safer, who once claimed “there is no such thing as the common man; if there were, there would be no need for journalists,” was 84. “60 Minutes” aired a tribute to Safer on Sunday after he announced his retirement earlier this month.

In 1970, Safer joined “60 Minutes,” then just two years old and not yet the national institution it would become. He claimed the co-host chair alongside Mike Wallace.
During the next four decades, his rich tobacco-and-whiskey voice delivered stories that ranged from art, music and popular culture, to “gotcha” investigations, to one of his favorite pieces, which, in 1983, resulted in the release from prison of Lenell Geter, an engineer wrongly convicted of a $50 holdup at a fast food restaurant who had been sentenced to a life term.

Rest in peace.


Praying for the repose of his soul & for his family.




Wow. I can’t imagine TV without Morely. He has been reporting things to us since I was in the first grade.

Rest in Piece Morley.


Honestly, I’m personally really tired of all the foreign journalists imported to the U.S. and working in American TV News.

Safer was Canadian; so was ABC’s Peter Jennings.

CNN’s U.S. Desk has several Australian news anchors.

Piers Morgan was from the U.K.

To my knowledge, there are no TV News Anchors or even Reporters working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Canada.

The BBC I think just has a handful of American reporters, and to my knowledge no American anchors.

I mean, can’t the U.S. Cable Networks find qualified American journalists who speak English to fill the TV News jobs?


By jingo, you’re right! We need a wall on our northern border too. These crafty Canadians come here speaking our language, looking like us, eating the same food – how diabolical!

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