Veterans meet again to protest against Cuban refugees


Veterans meet again to protest against Cuban refugees

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Veterans are once again voicing their concerns over Cuban refugees crossing into the U.S.

Veterans came together by bridge number one Wednesday morning to protest over benefits the refugees are receiving.

This is one of many protests the veterans say they will have to express their disagreement.

The group claims Cubans are being let in to the country too easily.

“The government should be taking care of the veterans before taking care of any refugees coming into the country. That is cut and dry. These guys have served the country, I have served the country and my daughter has served the country”, said Luke Dunlap.

The 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, allows Cubans to apply for federal benefits once they come into the United States.

Wave of Cubans finally reach U.S. after grueling land journey

MIAMI — In many ways, Randy Cuevas’ journey to cross the southwestern U.S. border was typical for undocumented immigrants: a dangerous trek with devious smugglers, corrupt police, many nights in squalid conditions and a constant fear of what would come next.

But Cuevas is Cuban, which means a happy ending for his trip, unlike most others trying to cross the border. That’s because U.S. law allows any Cuban who reaches U.S. soil to apply for political asylum and stay.

8000 is not a huge number of refugees, all the same this has been in the news.


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